So there goes my cash…

I caved.  I spent 80 bucks to download all of my Chicago Marathon pictures because I really really liked this picture:

And though I wouldn’t have paid for the other pictures they have, to download just one was $60, or I could pay 20 bucks more and get all of them.  (So Kim and Tracy, you’ll be getting a copy of the picture with the three of us.  And Jane, if you’re reading this, so will you!)

I don’t have the pictures yet — apparently a link will be sent to me for download (what happened with instant gratification??) but considering that my race pictures usually don’t look that good (again, I think I’m making some weird face here, but at least I don’t look like I’m dying, even though that’s how I feel!), I figured might as well fork over the money.  Plus, it’s my first marathon ever, a finishing line photo should be going up on my wall, right?  (And at work.  And have one sent to my parents…  And I can also find many other ways to use them.  I can get very obnoxious about this and really make my money worth it.  Maybe I’ll even print Christmas cards with them.  Kidding!  Sort of.)

So there you have it.  If you always wondered who the suckers were who paid those prices for their race pictures, now you know.  The sucker is me.


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12 responses to “So there goes my cash…

  1. ha, nice!
    so it’s $80 just to download? this doesn’t even include ordering?

    • $80 just to download. I could order smaller prints for cheaper, but the 8×10 picture would either cut my legs off, or the Chicago Marathon logo off — I rather do it on my own. For a 16×24 poster (which is probably a bit too big), it cost $65, so I figured I rather do my own thing, since I can make my own print for ten bucks.

    • Jeff

      Photographing big events is a huge undertaking. In all honesty no one can do it better than marathonfoto. Pleasing racers is sometimes difficult because people are being photographed in action and sometimes in mass unlike an olympic event. I have read complaints that, ” They took the picture with my hair pulled back”, “I was tired” and “I expected it to look like a sports illustrated photo.” The best complaint I heard was, “They made my a$$ look big. Seriously, does the camera automatically add 10 pounds to your hips or is it the donuts.

      As far as the price goes professional photos are not cheap. There are overhead costs and a crew of professional photographers do not come cheap. As far as the time delay, it’s unfortunate but it is not an everyday occurrance. Imagine 10o’s of races and 1000′s of racers. There are bound to be mistakes and delays everyone is human. Has anyone who is complaining ever missed a deadline? forgot a meeting? birthday? Vince Lombardi said, “Perfection is unattainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” I am sure this company strives for perfection in all it does, but seriously how often do people complain about their pictures no matter how good they are? and no one can pull off big events without a hiccup here and there, not even a Navy SEAL team.

      Finally, consider the grand scheme of things. My sister at age 60 has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) she has about a year to live. 10 months ago she was hiking the hills of Greece, today she is in a wheelchair able to communicate on facebook by typing with one thumb. I am sure she would be happy to trade places with any marathoner and enjoy waiting for her $80 race photos to arrive, even though they may be 12 weeks late.

      • I think it’s unfair to compare my complaint about the marathon photos to your sister’s condition. Completely different subjects, and on that note, you can make anyone’s complaint trivial (including your sister’s) by finding something more tragic.

        This is a running blog, and I had a complaint about a service related to running. It’s not the fact that it took forever to receive my pictures, it’s the fact that the company LIED when I contacted customer service, it’s the fact that they deducted my credit card right away, while their site promised that I would be receiving the pictures within a couple of days, not a month later. If it takes a month, then promise a month. Bad customer service for ridiculously expensive pictures, when you don’t have an option of choosing another vendor, is within my right to complain.

  2. So it’s a few days belated, but congratulations! And I think it’s awesome that you are doing another one so soon..I mean, you’re in shape for it and not injured, so why not? 🙂

  3. Let me know if they are good quality! I think I will pay for mine. When they want $60 for one digitial pring, $80 does not seem so bad!

  4. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS

    Wow, $80? But it is an awesome finish line pic. Good job, girl!

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