Wedding Talk: Bustles

I had my second (and last) dress fitting yesterday.  And all I can say, is that I still feel the same way about bustles as before:  I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE THEM.  They make my pretty dress look like crap.  But there’s no way around it — my dress has a train that can’t be down during the reception while being stepped on and while dragging on the floor sopping up spilled drinks.

So a bustle it is.  I love my dress, but hated when it was bustled up.  The seamstress thought a French bustle is best, and since I hate all types of bustles anyway, I went with her recommendation.

I don’t have any pictures of it, but this is an example of how it looks like, since this is also a lace dress.

This would be the dress before (again, not my dress), pretty, right?

And here is the monstrosity it becomes after it’s bustled:
I hate it.  And there’s really no way around it.  No one take pictures of the back of my dress during the reception, ok?  And should I leave the train down for the first dance, instead of having it look like this?  I should be ok as long as I don’t trip on it, right?
By the way, I have not lost the 10 pounds I wanted for the wedding.  Damn it!  I went to the fitting yesterday with Nanubia, who’s my maid of honor, and Kathy, one of my friends from the running group.  Nanubia will be tying me up at the wedding, so she had to learn how to close my dress, and Kathy just really really really like seeing girls in wedding dresses.
I put the dress on, and though I still love it, I’m disappointed my arms still look huge (I guess I should have been marathon training while carrying hand weights!).  I brought my jewelry and veil to see how it will all look like for the wedding.  I love the look.
Before my dress was even tied up, Kathy started bursting into tears.  “Oh my god, you look so beautiful!”  — it was hilarious!  I never cried once when I put on my dress, neither did my parents when they finally saw me with it!  But Kathy?  She teared up!
Then on the ride back home (she had gone there with me since the place is out in the BOONIES), she kept tearing up every time she talked about the dress.  Too funny!  And even Kathy agrees that bustles are horrendous…


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8 responses to “Wedding Talk: Bustles

  1. My dress had a loop at the bottom of the train – I highly recommend having the seamstress put one in, if you don’t have one already – it made it much easier to carry around, and if I had realized how much trouble I would have with my dress during the first dance, I wouldn’t have bustled it until afterwards and had just kept holding it by the train loop. Some people don’t even have bustles – they just have the train loop.

    That being said, I love french bustles and think they are adorable.

  2. Mine had that loop thing too, and a bustle. I also thought it was lame. But it let me party hard on the dance floor. Ha!

  3. I had a french bustle as well but bustled before my first dance. I hated people stepping on my dress.
    Though for some reason the way your bustle looks, it looks like it’s hanging odd like something is not sitting right. How many pick ups does it have more than one?

  4. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS

    You will be a gorgeous bride!

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