Wedding Talk: The most expensive hanger I ever bought!

Amazing the kind of things weddings make you buy.  You know, the stuff you really don’t need at all, but once you see it, you have to have it?

Because when you’re looking at wedding websites and see a picture like this:

You can’t help it but think “I want it too!”

So $25 and a few weeks later, this arrived at my doorstep:


Am I the only one who makes totally frivolous wedding purchases?


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13 responses to “Wedding Talk: The most expensive hanger I ever bought!

  1. OMG I freaking love it. See, I wish I was getting married now–there is so much more neat/personalized stuff than there was in 2007 when I was planning my wedding, haha!

    • I know, has been the death of my wallet! (But got a few of my bridesmaids gifts from there too! And Karl bought his groomsmen gift there as well — I’ll post pictures post wedding so I don’t ruin the surprise!)

  2. Jen

    OK, that is totally cute. You HAD to get it! At least it’s absolutely usable forever. Most of that wedding stuff gets shoved out of site afterward, so not too bad of a purchase. Really cool!

  3. Tab

    That’s awesome! I kind of want one, just for fun….hmmm

  4. Our friend had one for her wedding. It said Mrs. (new last name). Totally adorable. I want one too one day! Honestly one of my favorite pictures from her wedding was of her dress hanging on this hanger. Best $25 spent ever. Totally worth it! 😀

    Can’t wait to see pics of the wedding!

  5. Tia

    Carla! That is super cute!! Totally worth $25. I love it, too.

  6. I love that hanger! 😀

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