Medal Disappointment

I was so excited to be running the Marine Corps Marathon!  SO excited!  I never lied about why I wanted to run the MCM.  There was one reason only, and is that I wanted this medal hanging among my medals, after all, my Chicago Marathon medal was a bit of a disappointment:

The Eagle, Globe & Anchor is just a GORGEOUS medal.  BADASS.  Definitely a change from most round and square medals we get.  Definitely beats my Chicago Marathon medal…  And I couldn’t freaking wait, to have it displayed smack in the middle of my medal holder!

Once I knew I was going to be running the MCM for sure, I “liked” the MCM on Facebook.  Much to my surprise, yesterday they posted a video with the unveiling of this years medal.  Never in a million years did I expect to see what I saw…

It’s a nice medal, don’t get me wrong.  But it looks like most race medals out there.  It’s not different, it’s not a creative shape, it’s not totally cool like the one from previous years.  It’s just a medal.  Nothing spectacular.  For their 35th anniversary, you’d expect something great, not a plain medal.  But what we’ll get is a plain medal…

I’m so so so disappointed.  I really wanted the Eagle medal, after witnessing friends putting it around their necks for the last couple of years…  Heck, the first time I saw it was when right before I created my own running group, ages before I even considered running a full marathon (and ages before I ever thought I was capable of running one), when my friend Brit finished his first marathon:

And right then I knew I wanted that medal.  I didn’t think I would ever get it, seeing I was far from considering running a full, but I wanted one nonetheless.

This year would be the year I’d finally get one to take home!  And now, not so much.  I’m seriously reconsidering if I even want to do this now.  I know, a lot of people could care less about their medals, but for me, it’s all I have to show for my efforts.  I don’t usually wear the race shirts, since I tend to prefer sleeveless shirts in the summer (and in the fall, the long sleeve shirts makes their debut), plus the MCM provides only men sized long sleeved cotton shirts anyway.  I don’t get a runners body, and still have a couch potato looking one.  I don’t get to be fast.  So all I really get is a medal, that now I even have a spot on my wall for!

To know that my coolest medal will still be one of my half marathon ones, is a disappointment.

In other disappointing news, MarathonFoto STILL sucks.  I have yet to receive the link to download my Chicago Marathon pictures, even though they charged my debit card 12 days ago.  I’ve emailed them three times, the first time, they promised I’d get it within a couple of days (it’s been over a week since that promise), the second time, they said that it’s taking more time than anticipated.  FOR A FREAKING LINK.  Seriously. It didn’t take more time than anticipated to debit my checking account, now did it?  I’m still waiting to hear back on my third email…



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8 responses to “Medal Disappointment

  1. Ivan

    I have to admit, this is a major disappointment. After running last year’s MCM 10K and seeing the quality medal MCM gave, I vowed there and then to run it this year.

    The funniest thing is that MCM’s was voted top marathon medal a few months ago. Why change, then?

    That said, good luck on Sunday!

  2. Ugh… I’m so with you on this one… I wanted to sign up next year, but I want the good medal back (btw, do you know when registration opens for the following year???).

  3. Bummer! I would totally want the eagle, globe and anchor. Hopfully they get lots of feedback and bring back the ega.

    Either way, I like this medal too, but I understand your disappointment.

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  5. 18for the3rdtimearound

    Look at the Cincinnati Flying Pig finishers medal.

    PigsFly 125

    Just look out for the 1st hill; its only 6.5 miles up. Good Luck

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