Medal Holder Giveaway!

You have no idea how excited I am about this giveaway!  Joel, from Allied Steel Fabricators, the place where I bought my awesome medal holder (read my review here), is giving away any one of the medal displays from their catalogs to one lucky reader!

That’s right, the winner can go on their site, check out the catalog, and chose any medal display they would like!

I know I posted my favorites on my review before, but if you’re not up for clicking on the link, just take a peek at some of the styles…

(Uh, can you tell I had a hard time choosing a favorite?)

The medal holder is of great quality, and much nicer than most of the holders I’ve seen for sale (I truly adore mine!).  And if you don’t find a style you like, you can contact Joe for a custom medal display as well (keep in mind the giveaway is only for something on their catalog, not for a custom piece).

Their facebook page has tons of pictures of custom pieces from happy customers, look how neat:

(This girl is crazy!  Those are the medals from the marathons she has run THIS year!!!)

So what do you need to do to win?

1. Leave a comment saying which style you would choose and where would you hang yours? (1 entry)

2. Follow me on networked blogs on Facebook (see link on the top right) and leave a comment, or leave a comment if you’re already a follower (+1 entry)

3. Post this giveaway on your blog with a link here (+1 entry)

That’s it!  Make sure to leave a comment each time so you can get multiple entries.  I’ll pick the winner on Tuesday next week!

(For disclaimer purposes, I’m getting nothing for my review — I bought mine with my hard earned dollars — and this giveaway is just to give you all a chance to have one of these too!  Yes, I like it that much!)


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49 responses to “Medal Holder Giveaway!

  1. Ivan

    Um, yes, please!

  2. What an awesome awesome giveaway! I love the cityscape female. I think I would put it in our office! 🙂

  3. I follow your blog on Facebook!

    P.S. – those are the marathons she has run THIS year? CRAZY!!!

  4. I think I would pick the 13.1/26.2 one. And I think I would hang it right next to my bulletin board that holds all my race bibs.

  5. And I like you on Facebook! 🙂

  6. I love the “always earned never given” and I would hang it in my bedroom right next to my Kara Goucher signed race bib.

  7. elizabethlacy

    I’d love the one with the runner going past the city. 🙂

  8. You are linked on my sidebar!

  9. I follow you on FB!

  10. Omigosh I need one of these so badly (almost as badly as I need a job to support my running habit.) I think I would go with the “Believe” one because I’m starting to amass triathlon medals as well so I don’t want something run-specific. Or I would go with the Tri one and put all my half/marathon medals under the runner part.
    I would hang it over my bed in our bedroom, or in my sports den with my hockey jerseys when I finally get one.

  11. Tab

    Hmmm, choices, choices… I think I would have to go with the “I Crossed the Line” one. It covers everything! Not sure where I would hang it, somewhere in the office maybe…

  12. Tab

    And of course, I’m a loyal follower! (although I just figured out how to follow with Facebook. When did bookmarks/favorites become obsolete?lol)

  13. I love it! I actually already have the city scape female on my birthday/Christmas list with plans to hang it in our “home gym”/4th bedroom which is really a work in progress 🙂

  14. I love the beleive hanger..such a hard time choosing though..liked the my race bling too. I would either hang it in my spare bedroom where all my running stuff is located or maybe going up the stairs 🙂 That way I can see it everyday 🙂

  15. You have NO IDEA how much I want one of these. I didn’t get one for my birthday – though I can’t be sad about that I got jewelry instead!! I want the runner girl one. I would hang it over my desk!

  16. I follow in reader – but I just subscribed in Networked blogs too!

  17. Allison

    I love the Pigs Fly display! I would hang in right on the wall as soon as you walk in the front door!!!!

  18. Jen

    Honestly, I looked at their website as soon as you bought yours. LOVE THEM. I will absolutely have my own made… just as soon as I decide what it should say. And it will hang next to my race bibs and my diplomas. Of course!

    • Jen

      I think it would have to say something like “courage” or “never say never” or “therapy” or “believe” or something with mountains or a beach or…

  19. Carrie

    I love these! I would probably get the 13.1/26.2 holder and hang it up in the basement near my treadmill.

  20. ahh! i want one of these puppies so bad!

    i’d either pick the 13.1/26.2 one, or the chick by the cityscape!

    i’m going to post about it on my blog too!


  21. ahhh I can’t decide, maybe the “I run this town” or “Always Earned Never Given”. They’re all so great!

  22. Caleb

    These are very cool! I hope I win – but if I don’t I am most likely going to pick up: “I Run This Town” Nice!

  23. k

    I choose Rockstar (cuz that is what I am!).

    I don’t know where exactly I’d put it – probably next to the mirror that all my medals are currently hanging off of.

  24. g.

    SO totally would choose “Crossed the Line”, and I have a hallway where it would fit perfectly (and be seen by the folks I’d like to see it).

    BTW_ looked for an e-mail for you, if you want to run Richmond, we can get your packet, no problem.

  25. I would hang mine in my office….. So pefect for all my tangled medals!!!

  26. You are posted on my blog!!!! (on my giveaway gadget)

  27. Oh, these are so nice. I think I like the simple “runner” with the girl running next to it.

    BTW- I love your blog! And, you inspire me . . . I am working myself up to run my first marathon at the National Marathon in March and it scares me!! And you are running 2 in the same month!! WOW!

    • Yeah, we’ll talk on Monday and see how THAT worked out. But after running my first marathon I figured “eh, I’m already trained, it’ll suck, but how bad can it be?”

      I just want another medal 🙂

  28. I follow you on networked bloggers via facebook.

  29. I posted a link to the giveaway on the sidebar of my blog!

  30. I like the 13.1 26.2 with the girl in the middle

  31. I follow, of course

    (wordpress is not giveaway friendly, it didn’t like how quickly I was posting comments!!!!!! LOL!!!!)

  32. will add a link to my blog for ya.

  33. I like the pigs fly one. Too true for me, lol. A year ago, *I* didn’t even think I could run a marathon. Guess pigs do fly 🙂

  34. I posted a link to the giveaway in the sidebar of my blog.

  35. I love the “When Pigs Fly”!! Super cool!

  36. I would probably choose the runner one (maybe with the winged shoe) and hang it on the plain wall in my bedroom 🙂

  37. Im already a follower 😀

  38. I posted your giveaway on my blog!

  39. Hi,
    It would be hard but I like the Runner and The Always Earned Never Given. If I win it would be a gift for my cousins husband who is a avid runner in Puerto Rico. I am sure he would find a great place to hang it. Digna

  40. Now following you on Networked Blogs.

  41. I have lots of half marathon medals, but only three marathon medals. I think I’d love a special place for the 26.2s! (Thus, either Marathon or 26.2 with runner girls!)

  42. Erin

    I think I would choose the one that says “Runner”…but it would be a tough choice!

  43. Beki

    I have been DROOOOOLING over these since your review!!! I would DEF want the tiara! I’m such a total princess _and_ my first 1/2 was Disney’s Princess Half this year and I’ve already done another one! This would def go above my bed, right next to the tiara I (no joke) wear around when I’m having a rough day and need a pick-me-up!

    I’m also now following you on facebook and I posted a link on twitter, does that count? I don’t really have a blog other than my old LiveJournal which I haven’t used in over a year!