Wednesday Run

Last night, the weather was still warm (I think it got up to 78?), and it was still freaking MUGGY.  I ran only 4 miles, since that what it was on the schedule for my marathon tapering (holy crap, I really am running another marathon in just 3 days.  And I’m not even worried or nervous about it — that’s the scary part!).

The 4 miles?  WERE HARD.  I ran with Kelly, one of the runners from our group who’s been coming out for a while, but we had never run together before.  We average 10:19 pace, and I was just about dying.  WTF.  On Sunday I finished a ten miler faster than that!  Heat and humidity really take a toll on me.

But as much as I struggled, I’m not complaining.  Six months ago I couldn’t even run four miles at that pace, so I have to concentrate on my achievements, as small as they may be.

The weather for Sunday’s marathon is starting to worry me though.  At the beginning of the week, we had a high of 60 degrees predicted.  Then 2 days ago, it was a high of 63.  Now, it’s a high of 66.  See how it keeps going up?  This is exactly what happened at the Chicago marathon — it went from a high of 75 to an 85 as the week went by.

Please let the high of 66 be it.  I can deal with 66, I think.  Even though that was the temperature last Sunday, and it felt HOT.

I have to figure out my Sunday outfit too — compression socks for sure, either the bright pink again or the bright green…  Running skirt + sleeveless top, now I just have to figure out which ones.  Maybe the white running skirt, the green socks, the bright yellow shirt and my light blue camelbak to represent the colors of the Brazilian flag (different shades for sure, but right colors nonetheless).  At least if I look that ridiculous it’ll be easy to pick me out from the crowd!


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4 responses to “Wednesday Run

  1. Good luck and I will wish for good weather for your race!!!

  2. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS

    I can’t believe you’re about to run another one! You go girl.

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