It’s official…

Wish me luck…


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15 responses to “It’s official…

  1. Tab

    Yay! Good Luck and happy weather!

  2. Yay!!! I am heading in to DC in a few mins!!! Hope I see you!!! Good Luck!!

  3. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS

    Have a great run today, Carla!

  4. Good luck today! I know you’ll do great!

  5. I saw you!!! Right around mile 10.5 – where the runners are split. I was in the middle – and I was looking for a friend on the water side, and I looked over to the other side and there you were! I yelled for you! You were looking strong – I kept an eye out for you but I never saw you! Hope you had a great time!

    • I totally heard my name being called then, I remember it! I looked back and didn’t see anything! Since in Chicago I ran next to a girl that had “Carla” on her bib, I got used to hearing my name all the time when it wasn’t for me, so I didn’t worry too much! Thanks for the cheer!! 🙂

      • YAY! You are welcome! I was so excited I actually saw you! I couldn’t track anyone I was looking for from my cellphone – so I had my boyfriend at home on the computer giving me text updates, but I didn’t take you bib # with me b/c I figured I’d get it online after everyone got going! I wish they had text updates like VA Beach! It was so frustrating! But pure luck I saw you.

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