MCM Official Pictures!

They’re out, and just as unflattering as always!  And our great finish line picture?  A big FAIL.  Good, at least I won’t have to spend another $80 getting pictures of myself…

Here is pre-race when I was still looking good (albeit freezing).  You can check out my arm sleeves!  I really was pushing the pink that morning, huh?

In Georgetown, the arm sleeves had been pushed down, I was still feeling good, checking out my Garmin and realizing we were ahead of pace!  I hate seeing these pictures and how much I am heel striking…

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes…  I *think* this was around Hains Point?  I remember passing this part, but don’t remember where it was!

By the Lincoln Memorial, around mile 16.  Right after seeing Karl, taking a dose of pain relievers when I was dealing with my right calf cramping up.

At the gravel path by the National Mall.  I run around here all the time, but it was totally odd running through here during a race (I think the road was under construction or something, that’s why they moved everyone to the sidewalks).  It was a bit crowded around here too.  Since my feet were sore, I chose to run on the softer terrain and that seemed to help.

Obviously I didn’t notice the photographer here, or I would have faked a smile again.  You can see my look of death.

Jane just looks determined though!

I can’t believe they cut Jane off this picture — but you can see her arm!

Just one foot in front of the other…  Come on, you can do it…  This is past the Iwo Jima hill, I see the finish line, but I run, run, and don’t get any closer!

Approaching the finish line, while still considering stopping right here and taking a break…

On this next one, you can see how Jane was well ahead of me, but decided not to sprint without me (despite me encouraging her to do so!).

Jane literally dragging me across the finish line!  Stupid guy ruined our picture 😦

And we’re DONE!  That big grin?  It’s called relief.

Our deserved finisher’s shot in front of the Iwo Jima memorial — if only they wouldn’t cut off the flag!

My legs are doing much worse than they were in Chicago.  My right calf still feels super-tight, and my walk is not very graceful (not that it ever was…).  Skipping my run tonight to get yet another day of rest, and probably swinging by the store and seeing if I can return the shoes of death.  I can’t imagine running in them ever again.


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16 responses to “MCM Official Pictures!

  1. I don’t know… for someone who purports to not be that much of a pink person, you certainly have a lot of it! 🙂

    I think your pictures are lovely. At least you’re running in all of them!

    • I know, right? Arm sleeves were a gift, the compression socks are pink, and just happen to match more things than the green one.

      Plus, I put two outfits together — Karl voted the pink one… (It’s “cuter” he said.)

  2. These look good I think. I’ll post mine either today or tomorrow. I’ve got a few where I too don’t look quite so chipper. LOL! BTW, I love your socks.

  3. Most of those are actually pretty good, I think! And hey, in the later miles everyone looks like $^&* (look at the people in the background!)

  4. I think the pics look great! I wouldn’t want to spend the money on them again, though. 😉

    You said this race was a lot more crowded than Chicago, did that affect you at all?

    I hope you can get your shoes returned!

  5. Most of these are pretty good 🙂
    I analyze my poor form in race photos, too. MCM got some good ones of me, but I don’t know if I want to spend that much money!

    You just ran TWO marathons … you should give yourself another week off from running! I probably won’t run until Saturday, though I feel almost back-to-normal today!

  6. Congratulations your picturs look great

  7. I think you have some pretty good photos in there. Congrats again on marathon #2.

    Can I just say that I cannot wait to get through my marathon so that I can get back to running for fun… I’m feeling drained… still not sure how you did 2 back-to-back.

    • I’m feeling drained too. I just wasn’t sure if I’d ever put myself through training again (and I’m still not sure if I would), so figured might as well not waste it!

      Plus, I hated my Chicago medal, and I felt cheated that after all of that, I only had a crappy medal to show for it! I needed a do-over!

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