I’ve been a bum this week.  I haven’t done a thing.  I still haven’t run, because my calf is still so tight and my bad foot is sore (trying to see if I can schedule an MRI while I’m in Brazil to check out the foot).

I skipped bikram yoga, I skipped bootcamp, I didn’t do crap. I must have gained ten pounds with all this laziness (though I haven’t eaten that much crap, I killed a honey roasted mixed nuts container all by myself.  In one sitting.  Kinda makes you want to throw up, doesn’t it?)

I’m hoping to stop by Road Runners Sports today to exchange my shoes of death (good thing they offer a guarantee on them!).

I don’t know if I should go for different shoes, or get the same one in a half size bigger.  They were definitely way too tight once my feet swelled up from the running.  It felt like I was running in dress shoes!  They are already wide, and they are already a half size up.  But maybe one more half size up would solve the problem?  Or using completely different shoes?  Has anyone gone through something similar?

We’ll see what the store says today.  All I know is that I better get back to running tomorrow, because those mixed nuts won’t burn themselves off.  And tomorrow we’ll be at 3 weeks before the wedding!  Definitely not the time to pack on the pounds.


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6 responses to “Bum…

  1. Rosalyn

    I find the same thing happens when I buy mizuno shoes!!!! I love them but have to buy them a whole size bigger. But now I run in saucony and love them… I hope you find a shoe that makes your life a little easier running….

  2. elizabethlacy

    If you think you like the other attributes on the shoe, try it a half size up.

    I wear 6.5 in most shoes, 7 in sneakers, but 7.5 in Mizuno running shoes!

  3. I am clueless on the shoe thing! Right now, I’m in Mizuno’s but that’s not helpful considering I’m injured. 😉 I seem to get a different kind of evaluation every time I step into a running store. It’s a good thing they guarantee you an exchange!

    I do hope your bad foot heals soon for you and that it’s really nothing!

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