The Shoe Saga

Remember how my shoes were out to kill me during the Marine Corps Marathon?  Who knew something that looks so comfortable can cause so much pain?

I’m still recovering from the blisters they caused.  I definitely won’t have pretty feet for my wedding, I can tell you that.

Friday, I went over to Road Runner Sports to hopefully exchange them for something more comfortable.  Maybe even the same shoes, but a half size larger.  I was out of luck…  the shoes are now discontinued so they didn’t have the size up.  The Nike I had tried when I got fitted (I debated between them and the Saucony) were also out of stock, recently discontinued.  They remeasured my feet, and while when I had first gone there the width was a perfect D, this time it was wider than a D (apparently your feet swells up as the day goes by).

After trying an assortment of shoes, none of them were wide enough and you could see my feet bulging out (sexy, I know).  Only men shoes come in super-wide, but they didn’t have men shoes on my size either.

Luckily, their Maryland store had both shoes in the size I wanted and they would ship it to my store.  Tonight, I’m going back to try them out.  I have a feeling that I might be stuck with men shoes yet again, like the Asics I wore for the last year.  Just in case, I scouted them online, and bought them, so I have something to wear while I’m in Brazil.

It’s days like these that I really wish I had taken the time to convert to the Vibram Five Fingers, since they fit my wide ass feet just fine.  *sigh*


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7 responses to “The Shoe Saga

  1. Tab

    It’s (almost) exactly these issues that drove me to Vibram’s exclusively! Why cant you convert?

    • It’s dropping off the mileage I worked soooo hard to build… Right now I can pull off a marathon, and the thought of going back to running only a mile at a time, scares me. I don’t want to lose my endurance!

      I tried carrying the shoes with me and switching mid run, but that got annoying. (I built up to 2 miles last winter, but then half marathon training started, and I had to give up.)

  2. Isn’t it crazy that those are discontinued?! They were just released I think! I’m in the same Sauconys…but hopefully won’t have any problems. I’ve got about 75 miles on them. Was it the Nike LunarGlide+2 you had also tried? It sounds like we have the same feet! lol. I’m a wide footed overpronater…hi- nice to meet you. 🙂

  3. Were they willing to take the other shoes back despite your having run in them??? Hope you find something that works, cause poopy shoes suck!

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