Sad day

Not only I woke up sick yesterday (fever + sore throat), forcing me to call out sick a week before I leave for vacation (ugh!), but early evening I heard terrible news…

This adorable furry niece of mine, Luna, passed away yesterday afternoon:

How did this happen?  On Saturday morning Luna woke up with a paw 3 times the normal size.  After a visit to the vet and having all tests come back clear, she was sent home.  On Sunday, the swelling on the paw was better but it had now moved to her eyes.  She was then referred to the animal hospital.  My sister from the beginning thought it was a spider bite, but the vets said that there are no poisonous spiders in northern Virginia.  Monday, the swelling on her eyes had gone down, but it was now on her leg, and it was oozing.

The vets continued to refuse to treat for a spider bite and give the vaccine, and instead tested for ticks (a test that takes 10 days for the results).  The vet also refused to start any treatment until my brother-in-law showed proof he could pay the $8,000 vet bill.  (Yes, she was there for hours, and the vet refused to touch her until my brother in law could show proof of credit.  And this was the vet talking to him, not the staff.  Shouldn’t she be busy treating the dog instead of wondering how she’s going to pay for her new car?  WTF???)

She was sent home Tuesday night.  On Wednesday night, my sister, who barely got any sleep, woke up with Luna lying down, while throwing up blood and breathing hard.  Back to the vet she went.  The vet FINALLY decided to treat her for a possible poisonous spider bite.

It was too late.  In the afternoon they got a call to come in and say their goodbyes.  My sister frantically called my 19 year-old nephew, with no luck.  They said their goodbyes while Luna had to be put to sleep, after an $8,000 bill, because she couldn’t get up, was having trouble breathing, and had not stopped throwing up blood.

I am so so so sad.  Luna was adorable, and actually hugged me (I’d sit on a chair, ask for a hug, and she would put her paws around my shoulders while I squeezed her tight).

Luna, you will be missed.  She left a little brother behind, Diesel, who still has no clue what is going on.

Luna was also my dad’s biggest fan.  (She really had an unhealthy obsession with him!)

Luna, I really really miss you!

Everyone does.

Rest in peace.  And I know you’re looking down at us, guiding our ways.


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25 responses to “Sad day

  1. Ivan

    So sorry for your loss, that really sucks.

    I know it’s not the time, but you should look at possible negligence on the vet’s part.

  2. elizabethlacy

    I’m so so sorry, Carla. I’m so mad at that vet for you and your family! How horrid when something like that is going on. It’s obvious Luna was in pain.

    Losing a pet is so hard but especially so since this was so sudden and with a jerky vet.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m so, so sorry. It brought tears to my eyes to read about your sister and Luna’s sad story. I’m so very sorry to all of you for your loss.

  4. 😦 I am so sad to read this. Losing a pet is always hard. I remember getting the call from my dad to drive home from college to say my goodbyes. Longest drive ever. I am sorry for your family’s loss. That vet sucks!

  5. So sorry for your loss. It is amazing how much a part of the family our pets are to us. It sounds like Luna was a great dog.

  6. I have no pets, however, this still made me pretty emotional… especially when I see the pictures and how much everyone is smiling everytime they are with Luna. Luna clearly gave everyone around a lot of joy. I am so sorry for the loss.

  7. I’m so sorry for your and your sister’s loss. What a tragedy.

    What vet was it? I want to be sure I don’t ever take my animals there.

  8. I am so sorry. This is just so sad and shocking and awful. xoxo

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about Luna. Animals are family members and when they pass it is so hard. I will keep your sister and her family in my thoughts!

    Hope you are feeling better.

  10. Wow, I’m so sorry for your loss! Pets do become part of the family and we love them like they’re little humans…

  11. How heartbreaking. I am a huge dog lover (literally, huge dogs…I have Great Danes), so to see her sweet brindle face brings tears to my eyes.

    I’m sure Luna will leave a huge void not soon to be filled. So very sorry. 😦

  12. Oh Carla, I have tears in my eyes. I have 2 dogs who mean the world to our little family.
    I am just so sorry for the loss of Luna. (hugs)

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