Possible PR?

Sunday I’m running my last race of the year, the Veterans Day 10k race in DC.  This will be my 11th race this year, but the first 10k.  I haven’t run a 10k since September of last year when I got a PR of 1:09:44 (or 11:15 pace).

The only reason I signed up for this 10k is that I knew for sure that I could PR!  I was able to finish the Army Ten Miler at a 10:07 pace after all, so I should be able to finish the 10k in less than an hour, no?

Well, not so fast…

After the marathon, I ran 5.5 miles last Saturday.  It was HARD.  No seriously.  HARD.  I was out of breath, tired, and, to make matters more humiliating, I was barely keeping a pace below 12 minute/miles, I even had to walk a bit.  I FINISHED A MARATHON FASTER THAN THAT!  And I couldn’t run 5 miles at that pace?

I decided to really push it for my run on Wednesday, but luck would have it I woke up that morning with a sore throat (which thankfully went away) and a slight fever (which has gone down, but not gone completely yet), so I didn’t run at all this week.

Tomorrow, I slashed my plan on running 10 miles and figured a 60 minute run instead would suit me better (I’m still a bit sick, after all).  On Sunday?  I’m just hoping to survive.

One thing I know for sure:  despite the flat course, this will not be pretty.  STUPID, STUPID FLU.  I can’t even end the year with a bang!


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12 responses to “Possible PR?

  1. elizabethlacy

    Give yourself some credit! 1:09:44 is 11:15 pace. 🙂

    You can do this!

  2. Alright, I know that you’re a lot like me, but seriously – you need to take it easy. It’s been a busy year! Do not push yourself too hard this weekend – or you will be effed up for the wedding!!!!

  3. You never know what race day will bring. I bet you knock it out. It’s always easier to push on race day. Hopefully you’ll wake up Sunday feeling well and ready to run. (I have a 20-mile race Sunday, and I feel like I’m going to puke from nerves.)

  4. Hi, new to your blog! But after reading some of your race recaps, i’m sure you are going to rock this 10k! Best of luck!

  5. Better to have the flu now and risk not PRing than to have the flu during your wedding! You only get one shot at that, but there will be other races.

    (But I still think you’ll probably PR.)

    • I know, I keep telling myself that — better to be sick before vacation than during it…

      There will be another chance to PR, but I was really wishing to bring my 10k time down as much as I did with my half and my 10 milers. Grrrrr…

      Oh well.

  6. You ran with the flu?? You are hard core woman!! How did it go??

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