Off to Rio!

Ok, so maybe not on my way quite yet, but tomorrow early evening, Karl and I hop on our flight to Charlotte which will then take us to Rio.

I’ll be taking TONS of pictures, but not sure how much time I’ll have to blog.  I’ll try my best to make time, keep you updated, but considering we’re off to get married, do some honeymooning, and have to entertain out of town guests for the week leading up to the wedding, we’ll be a tad busy.  (You know, just a tad.)

I’m bringing my running clothes, my Garmin, my camelbak.  I really hope to get some runs in while I’m there — and I’ll definitely blog about them.  The problem?  I have a bad track record of working out while on vacation.  I tend to be a bum.  A complete bum.  Usually the most exercise I get is my daily 10 minute walk to and from the beach, and of course, jumping waves (I actually like jumping IN them while it’s cresting).  As I said, I’m a bum on vacation.

But my wedding is still 11 days away, so I still have to fit in that dress and all.  Plus, I gained 5lbs this last week with no running because of the flu!  I wasn’t sick enough to kill my appetite, damn it, and I’m still hungry as if I’m training for a marathon.  Grrrrr…

In other words, I HAVE to run when I’m in Rio.  I might not go off for 10 mile runs, seeing Karl will be just getting back to running then (he took the boot off last week!), and I’ll be stuck doing solo runs, but even if I can only fit 3 miles here and there, it’ll be better than nothing.  Wish me luck.

My biggest worry right now is the weather in Rio…  In 2005, when I visited at the same time, this is the weather I dealt with…  I got a few cloudy days…

But mostly, it looked like this…

Right now?  The weather is in the low 60’s with constant rain day-in, day-out.  November is not a rainy month in Rio.  November is not a  cold month (our winters is in the 60’s!  Right now is at the end of spring there!).

Wish me luck.  I’m not as worried about the weather for the day of the wedding (though I want it to be nice, of course), as I am for the whole next week, when all the US guests fly in.  They deserve to see Rio in its true beauty, and take advantage of the beach and sightseeing.  Some are only staying 5 days, and 5 days full of gloomy weather will suck.

The Rio they deserve to see and experience, is the true Rio…

Let’s hope Rio will greet them the same way it has always greeted me.


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10 responses to “Off to Rio!

  1. So jealous. Must get there someday.
    Go, have a great time, get married, and blog later! 🙂
    Congratulations from the both of us to you two!!

  2. Grace

    Good luck & safe travels! I hope your wedding will be absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

  3. Tia

    Good luck, Carla! I’m happy for you and cannot wait to see pictures! Be careful on your solo runs!


  4. Have a safe trip to Rio and enjoy the time while you’re there. Have fun and I can’t wait to here all about it when you get back!

  5. So excited for you!!! I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures and becoming a MRS.! 🙂

  6. So I just noticed on my blog tracker thing that someone popped in from Rio! YAY! 🙂

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