First Run in Rio…

So during my last run in DC I was feeling miserable, but the weather wasn’t too bad for running — around high 40’s.

Waiting for the race to start, we were freezing, but after the race, we weren’t feeling too bad weather-wise… (no, I’m not pregnant — I just have gloves and shitload of tissues stuffed into both my jacket’s pockets.)

Today?  Sure, I’m no longer sick (though I’m still congested — AC in the plane didn’t help!), but going from upper-40’s to mid-80’s did nothing for my run…  (It doesn’t help that we woke up super late, and it was almost noon by the time we made our way out there.)  After waiting a good 10 minutes for my Garmin to finally catch up with the change of continent, I went off on a run at the boardwalk’s cycling path.  There was a strong headwind, but it had a nice cooler ocean breeze.  But it was hard.  My one-hour-long planned run got cut to a 5k really quickly, when I realized there was no way I could run that long without walking.  I think it will take a few more days in this weather for me to have a successful run here.

But heck, I’ll take this view over any of the ones we have in DC.  Plus running along the beach?  Priceless…

It was also Karl’s first run back!  He couldn’t run the whole thing with me, since as per doctor’s orders he has to take it easy (run 2 minutes, walk 2), but needless to say, he would catch up with me every 2 minutes…  We were happy to be done!

Oh, and you think we don’t look that sweaty?

Think again…

And though you can’t see just how much sweat was dripping off my legs, you can tell how red I am — not from a sunburn, from a run.  *Sigh*

I wish all my runs could be along the beach…

A week countdown to the wedding has begun!  A few guests have arrived (Karl’s dad and sister, and today, the family I lived with as a foreign exchange student in Maine — back when I was 15!) and they are enjoying their stay in Copacabana.  Our first friend coming to Barra (where we’re staying), finally landed, and my brother is on his way from the airport with him.  I’m debating do I wait for him here in the apartment, or at the beach?  And right now, while looking at these pictures, I’m thinking waiting at the beach might be the way to go…

Off to get my tan on, and jump some waves 🙂


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5 responses to “First Run in Rio…

  1. Looks like you are enjoying your time before your wedding. And yes I wish I could be running next to a beach. 🙂 Have fun!

  2. I definitely run better in cooler weather – but the scenery you have is gorgeous!

  3. I think I just decided where my next vacation will be…

  4. Ohhh man seeing your post made me long for the beach! I’m dreading the start of winter here. Glad you are enjoying the beach!

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