Tonight, I’m home alone, until tomorrow mid-afternoon, when Nikki (who took our awesome engagement pictures!) gets here.

Karl and Brit are in Rio, but they are spending the night at my brother’s place, so they can go sightseeing tomorrow (and Karl will be spending time with his family, as they are already in town and staying in Copacabana).  They’ll get back to Barra, where I’m staying, on Wednesday morning (when Brit’s fiancee — my maid of honor — Nanubia, gets here).

Yesterday, it was a hot cloudy day, with sun on and off.  But that wasn’t enough to stop us…

We did a lot of this…

Yes, fresh coconut water makes us happy!  I hate the coconut water that come in a box or a can that they sell in the US — it doesn’t taste at all like the fresh thing!

Yesterday the water was cold, but felt deliciously refreshing after we went in…

Karl and Brit did a good job at relaxing, looking at the ocean…

Today, the weather sucked.  I was at home most of the morning, because I had my hair and make up trial.  I loved it!  I will save the end results for later (since some people coming to the wedding read this blog), but for a person who never wears make up, I was really surprised at the results:  like me, natural looking, but just prettier!  And my hair “half-up/half-down” request with a few loose curls was also exactly like I wanted!  Here is a peak of the back, the front looks even better!  It’ll look great with my lace dress and mantilla veil!

After the trial, I promptly washed my face, covered my hair in conditioner (hoping to counteract the hair spray and curling iron damage, since I never use either), and met up with Karl and Brit at the beach.  It was muggy, but much cooler with the ocean breeze, but the cloudy, foggy, ugly day, and my failed attempt at a nap at the beach, meant we left early, grabbed something to eat (a pizza — ugh, my diet here sucks), and I took a nap at home.

But not before Karl tested out the “urban gym” at the boardwalk:

And yes, Karl totally blends in here, rocking his speedos!  Brazilians even run at the beach with their speedos and shoes, nothing else.  (Though lots of Brazilians really don’t have the body for speedos, the ones that run with it, can totally pull it off…)

The verdict?  “This is perfect for circuit training!  I can run and stop to work out then go back to running!”  (There’s a gym station every half mile or so.)

I woke up with just enough time for a super-quick run before Lara, my brother’s wife, would get here to pick up the boys.  Karl convinced me to go out anyway (20 minutes is better than nothing!) and off we went.  We covered about 2.5 miles, with an average of 10:15 pace, and we got back just in time (Karl barely had time to rinse off, ooops!).

Left on my own (my friend canceled our dinner plans because her kids got lice, ick!), I was left eating the same thing that I have in Brazil every day for breakfast…  (Papaya, mango and a fig!  Unfortunately, guavas and the awesome tangerines here are out of season…  boo!)

Of course for dinner, I had the right sort of drink… (replacing my morning yogurt!)

I am, however, patiently waiting for these avocados to ripen…  Compare the size of them to the papaya and mango, and yes, that’s a regular sized mango — now THIS is what an avocado really looks like!  (And yep, they will still have green skin when they are ripe!)

Life in Rio is great…  Now whether I’ll be fitting in my dress on Saturday or not, it’s a whole different story.  But at least I’ll look pretty!

5 days until the wedding!


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14 responses to “Countdown…

  1. I love your hair!! I can’t wait to see pics!! Looks like you are having a blast!!

  2. Your hair looks so pretty!

    Glad you are having a great time…and I agree coconut water out of the box tastes…BLECH

  3. I’m glad you’re having such a wonderful time!!

    Your hair looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the rest!!

  4. Emily

    Love the hair! 🙂

  5. You look so relaxed! 🙂 Have fun and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  6. your hair looks wonderful! i’m liking the highlights too!

    wait a minute… karl actually owns speedos that he wears back home too? or is this just for the trip?! ha hey… whatever floats his boat…

    i love that the smirnoff ice comes in a can!

  7. Can’t wait to see pics from the wedding!!

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