Almost back…

Tomorrow, we’ll be hoping on our plane back to DC.  I’m so not ready to leave the warm weather of Rio to cold DC, back to work and reality.

But, I must have gained 20 pounds while here (all totally worth it, mind you), so it’s about time I go back to my old routine.  The bad news?  My MRI showed that my plantar fascia is highly inflamed and the doctor said “no running for a month and ten sessions of PT”   I haven’t yet decided if I’ll be following his advice…  (I wanna go back to running!)

Next week, I will properly recap the wedding, the trip, the honeymoon (without the spicy bits, of course, ha!) and share tons and tons (and TONS) of pictures!

For now, the teaser we got from the photographer today — it shows how beautiful our church looked.  You can see my parents on the left.


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14 responses to “Almost back…

  1. Wow, incredible photo! So beautiful! I hope you’ll share the rest! Hope you have a safe flight tomorrow.

    (P.S. You better listen to your doctor, lady! You don’t want to make your injury worse! Better not to risk it.)

  2. That picture is so gorgeous! Congratulations! Safe travels!

  3. That picture is INCREDIBLE!

  4. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS

    Wowwww! Gorgeous!

  5. OMG greatest photo ever! You know how awesome I think you looked that day… just gorgeous! Can’t wait to see even more photos.

  6. Wow! How pretty!!! What a great shot!!

    I can’t wait to see more! (p.s. is it creepy that I am so excited and I have never met you? I feel a little creepy 😀 If it is sorry!)

    In other news – I got a spot in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!!!

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