Before the wedding…

I spent a week and a half in Rio before the wedding.  It was busy.  It was stressful.  I absolutely LOVED that almost 40 guests could fly out from the US to Rio to join our celebration, but the phone rang non-stop that week, people got offended that I couldn’t spend much time with them, and I still had things to sort out on my own pre-wedding as well  — including packing for the honeymoon, that I left for the the day before the wedding, since I was on vacation, therefore with limited supply of clothes to begin with.

All in all, it was ALL worth it.  But I was on edge.  I know I wasn’t great company to hang around with, which is another reason I avoided people (though poor Nanubia, Brit and Nikki, who were staying in Barra with me, all got to witness it…  Oh well, it’s what you get with free room and board, no?)

I had a wonderful time though, despite my stress.  Karl was even more stressed out than me, because he was dealing with all his family in town, on the other side of the city, in Copacabana (though my whole family was also in town, they live there, so it’s not like they needed me for anything).  He even had a few moments where he would go “I’m having a groomzilla moment!”

Everyone got to Rio as expected, except for one missing groomsman who got stuck in Idaho due to a snowstorm, and missed his flight.  Once the highways reopened, he tried to drive to the closest airport to him that was open, 3 hours away.  And got into a car accident an hour in (he is fine, his car is not).  So with much sadness, Karl’s childhood friend and groomsman missed the wedding (and some much deserved vacation).

Brit was the first to arrive in Barra.  Nikki followed a few days later.  She arrived to this gloomy weather…

But as you can see, that didn’t stop us from going to the beach.  It was drizzling too.  And guess what?  I got burned.  BADLY.  I had been so, so, so careful not to get burned, and so careful not to get any tan lines from the bathing suit straps, just to go to the beach under drizzling cloudy weather, slack off on sunscreen because of it (and as my mom said, I should have known better!), and got burned.

But would you have piled on the sunscreen when the beach looks like this?

And it’s not like we were laying out either.   We were busy swimming up to the sand bar, and diving off of it.  And taking silly pictures, of course…

When Nanubia got there, the sun had started to come out.

And I even documented the tan line (and burn) from the gloomy day…

After spending most of the day at the beach, we showered up, and met with the rest of the visitors for dinner.  Karl and I hosted a all-you-can-eat pizza dinner for the folks who came from the US, we met everyone at the Miramar Hotel, in Copacabana, where most guests were staying.

See?  Margaret and Erin still look cute sans running clothes!

We had 45 people for dinner — among the guests and some of my family.  You never had all-you-can-eat pizza unless you had it in Brazil — any flavor you can imagine!  SUCH variety!  Plus, really thin crust, so you really get to try a bit of everything.  And the best part:  dessert pizza!

Though I didn’t take any pictures as I left my camera behind (the photo above was sent to me by Ben), Tiffany, who arrived in Rio too late for dinner but went on her own to the pizza place the next day, took this awesome picture of her mom and some of the dessert pizza:

Before you get grossed out, no worries, there’s no cheese in there.  Just yummy chocolate goodness (with nuts, or strawberries, or coconut…).  There’s also a bunch of white chocolate and some coconut varieties!

The next day, the day before the wedding, is when all my plans don’t work out, and I have my first bridezilla moment.  Ugh.  Stay tuned…


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4 responses to “Before the wedding…

  1. I’m going to love this party story. I just know it.
    Congratulations again!

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  3. Marlene Trunk

    I was offered so many different kinds of pizza including dessert ones that I totally lost count, so good!

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