I think I’m ready…

…to finally come back into blogging!

Thanks to everyone who didn’t abandon my blog while I was out on hiatus, doing fun stuff like vacationing in warm places, getting hitched and honeymooning.  Oh, yeah, plus not running and eating my ass off (unfortunately, not literally, as the scale showed this morning, it seems like I ate my ass on.  Whatever that means).

Rio and Maragogi, where we spent our honeymoon, were both amazing.  I knew Rio was incredible, but it was my first time in Maragogi, after a friend recommended we visit their all-inclusive resort.  It was everything we hoped it would be.  Though I’ll save pictures and details for a later post, I’ll leave you with this (and as you can tell, my belly had already expanded a bit — the understatement of the year — since this was taken towards the tail end of our honeymoon…).  But it’s a happy picture, calories be damned.

The bad news I received right after the honeymoon, when I finally was able to get an MRI on my foot?  This time, it really is plantar fasciitis (last year, it was not).  My plantar fascia is highly inflamed, and the doctor recommended a month off with no running, 10 sessions of physical therapy, and taking anti-inflammatory for a couple of weeks.  I’m debating if I’ll take his advice or not (save for the medicine, which I bought in Brazil and just have to take it).  At this point, it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last run (that counts, right?  Even though the MRI was taken 2 weeks after my last run?), and I need to find a way to burn off the calories consumed.  It is waaaay too cold for biking (have I mentioned it’s 23 degrees out today and super-windy?).  But my foot still hurts.  A lot.  Somehow all the non-running hasn’t made a difference.  And the PT sessions?  I honestly cannot afford them with the crappy insurance I have through work (I miss my old insurance, where we got 24 free sessions of PT a year).

So, you’ll either have me blogging about running through pain (my parents will kill me for my stubbornness), or not running and missing it.  Either way, you’ll be reading a LOT of wedding related posts.  I got the pro-pictures yesterday, spent my lunch hour uploading them on facebook, and now I cannot wait to share with all of you!

The wedding?  It was the best party of my life!  I even had some friends saying the same thing, and Margaret even said “when I get married, I want it to be in Brazil!”  Brazilians really do know how to throw a party and celebrate weddings properly!  We danced for hours on end, had live samba for an hour, plenty of food and drinks, and even a few hookups (to the guilty parties, no worries, I’ll leave the details of hookups out of the blog!).

But random hookups?  If that’s not a sign of a good party, I don’t know what is!  I’m forever thankful to my parents who paid for the whole thing (they would not take any contributions from us) and planned the whole shebang as well.  Even though I knew all the details, it surpassed my expectations.

The next few days?  You’ll get to read all about it (and see pictures, tons of pictures!).

I don’t promise that there won’t also be some bitching about the horrible DC weather.  We got back on Sunday, and since then, the weather has sucked.  Nothing like going from 85 degrees into the 20’s to make you really appreciate Brazil…


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11 responses to “I think I’m ready…

  1. Glad your wedding and honeymoon went great!

    But onto the PF. I ran through my pain. It gave me problems that I should have addressed sooner because I am going through PT for this right now. I suggest one session with the PT for them to show you some exercises and stretches to do to help. They also may be able to tell if you need to strengthen other parts of your foot to help with the PF. On FB yesterday Active.com’s page had an article on PF but in the comments on the post there were tons of comments on what to do to help for it. There was some even new things I hadn’t heard of that I am thinking about.
    Good luck! Having PF sucks but getting a worse injury because of running through it is a lot worse. 😦

  2. I love the fact that you agree that random hookups indicate an amazing party. As long as it wasn’t either of the two of you! 🙂

    Glad you’re back blogging, and sorry about the PF. I had a bout of it two years ago. The good news is that, even though it was very annoying, once it went away it hasn’t come back (knock wood).

  3. just wanted to formally say congratulations over here! you made a beautiful bride!!

  4. also, im so sorry to hear about your foot… i hope with a little time off, it heals up quick.

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