And the HAPPY: Day of the wedding!

I woke up on Saturday morning, after getting 6 hours of sleep (for anyone counting, that’s a total of 10 hours of sleep in 2 days, yikes).  I got my stuff together, called up a cab, and Nikki and I made our way to the hotel, where everyone was staying that night.

Even though we were there well before the check-in time, the front desk was gracious enough to let us check in early (Nikki otherwise would have had to wait until 2pm, my check in was at 10am).  I dropped off the dress, unpacked some of my toiletries, and checked out the room…  It was huge!  And it had a wrap around balcony with this amazing view!

Some of the girls even stopped by for a quick hello before then went off to some sightseeing around town (not before they stashed champagne and orange juice in the fridge!).

Don’t let that cloudy day fool you!  I went in for my nail appointment, had an amazing manicurist who got one of her colleagues to make a porcelain nail on my half nail of my big toe (seriously, it looks like a real nail, and I still have it!), and my mood was much improved.  I really wish I lived in Brazil…  The manicure and pedicure came out to R$25 total — about U$15!  (I had to pay a tad more for that fake nail, but still!)

As I got out of the salon, the clouds had clear, and the sun was out — it was a perfect beach day.

Oh, don’t believe me?  Look at the dress in all its glory with the view…  (Remember when I was still debating on buying this dress because I had already bought one?  I have no regrets!)

I got back to the room at noon, I had one hour to go before the hairdresser would get there.  So I turned off the lights and tried to get some sleep.  With no luck, I then got in touch with Kathy to apologize for yesterday, and attempted to get in touch with Karl’s sister (no answer in her room).  A little before 12:30 I got up to take a shower, and the doorbell rang right away.

The hairdresser was there early!  I jumped quickly in the shower, and we got to work!

Nanubia came by shortly after that, and the girls showed up for the mimosas (yum!).  Karena, Karl’s sister, soon followed, and she brought a card from Karl!

The girls went back out, and only Nanubia and Karena stayed (since they were getting their hair and make up done too).

I was no longer stressed.  At this point I wasn’t even nervous yet (Karl had been nervous for days now, I kept waiting for it to hit me!).

The photographers soon came and started doing their thing.  They made sure to get a couple of pictures of the shoes (the shoes!)

They even got a shot of the bottom of them!

Remember my hanger?  Once they found a creative way to put it up, I had to get my own camera and take a picture of it too!

And of course, the photographers also got some good shots…

Margaret came to get ready in our room, since it was bigger and the AC was pumping.  And of course, she also took pictures!

My make-up was ready, and it was time for Karena and Nanubia’s turn…  But the phone rang:  my bouquet had arrived!

And only later I found out that this awesome picture was taken of it (doesn’t it match my shoes perfectly?):

Of course, while this was going on, Karena was getting beautified.

(Yes, Karl has some good genes in him.)

Nanubia was ready…

And a couple of more finishing touches…

And it was time to put on my dress.  ACK!

Kidding.  I was still not even a bit nervous.


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7 responses to “And the HAPPY: Day of the wedding!

  1. loving this recap! you look sooo pretty! love your hair- see, it turned out great!

    now i see what they did about the toes!

  2. Question – why did they do your makeup by an open window? Was your hair drying or something?

    Ok. As soon as I saw you reading the card from Karl with the rainbow across the front, I thought, “Thank god I know they got married for real because if I didn’t know this, I’d totally think he was saying ‘Can’t get married. I’m gay.'”

    Ok. You may want to delete that part. And I wouldn’t blame you one bit!

    • Hahaha, she actually didn’t do my makeup there — it had been done before the photographers got there, and they wanted to take pictures for the “making of” so we moved the chair to the window, and since it was a bit dirty, we opened it up to show the view.

      Way to ruin my cover, Velvet!

      Hahahahaha on the rainbow comment! It was actually a sunset sky, no actual rainbow (I had to scroll up to double check — it does look like a rainbow!) Not deleting it. That cracked me up!

  3. Bwahahahaha… the comment about the card.

    I LOVE those shoes. I want them. I think I would wear them around the house (ok, maybe not).

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