STRESSED! Or, the day before the wedding

When Karl came to Rio at the end of December of last year, I did all the requisite sightseeing with him.  Even though it was a gorgeous day when we chose to visit the Christ the Redeemer Statue, there was one cloud in the sky — right at the mountain.   When we arrived, this is how the statue looked like…

But unfortunately, this was the view from the top…  (Yes, those are clouds behind Karl…)

This is what the view is supposed to look like…  (Not the most flattering picture of me, but you get the gist.)

So you understand why, I excitedly, but very stupidly, scheduled our return there for the day before the wedding, when most guests were in town and could join us.

My plan was a simple one:  Meet there when it opens at 8am, take the train up, hang out for a bit taking pictures, then I’d go back to Barra.  Any girls that wanted to go back with me so we could have a girls day (in lieu of a bachelorette party) at the beach with me.  We would hang out at the beach, go out for a run, have an early dinner.

Instead, this is how the day went:

-Wake up at 6am — cloudy and rainy.  Call everyone to cancel.  Go back to bed.  Cannot fall back asleep, get up after getting only 4 hours of sleep.  Need to nap later.

-8am — beautiful day.  Lara (my sister-in-law), calls to say how gorgeous the day is, she’s on her way to drop off Kathy, who is staying with her.  Call everyone and ask “do we go now or later?”  Later was decided as the girls were out for a run (I was planning on running on my own later then).  We decide to meet everyone at the bottom of the train station, at 11:30am.

-11:30am — we (me, Karl, Brit, Nanubia, Nikki, Kathy) all arrive at the bottom of the train station.  No one is there.  We walk back and forth trying to find people, and they are nowhere to be seen.  In the meantime, the sky has covered up, and it’s a really cloudy day — we cannot see the statue, so definitely there is no view.  Karl doesn’t want to pay again for no view “I’ve seen clouds” he says.

-Noon — the cellphone I was carrying rings.  It’s Karl’s friend (I guess he called from a payphone?  No one had cellphones but me).  Everyone is at the top of the statue (their cab driver took them to the top of the mountain, not to the train station).  Karl doesn’t want to go up.  Brit, Nanubia and Nikki go up.

Karl and I decide to go back to Copacabana.  He is staying there that day/night to hang out with his friends (a boys night so to speak in lieu of a bachelor party), and also to make sure we won’t see each other on the day of the wedding (he was really superstitious about that — so much so, that it got me superstitious too!).

I want to go back to Barra, I’m sleepy, tired, dying for a nap.  Plus I still need to run so I’ll be less stressed and less bloated on the day of the wedding!  He convinces me to spend time with him, since it’s our last day together as single people.  Kathy tags along.

We walk around Ipanema

We go to Arpoador

You can totally see how super-tired I am here!  I can barely open my eyes.

Then we walked back to Copacabana, had lunch, and headed over to the Windsor Miramar Hotel in Copacabana where everyone was staying.  Karl bumps into his dad who wants to talk to him.  We say our goodbyes (I teared up, WTF?), and Kathy and I finally start getting ready to go back to Barra.  Then Karl’s sister bumps into us and she wants to come.  She goes back to her room to grab her things.

25 minutes later, she finally comes back down when I’m about to give up — at this point, it’s near 3pm, I have spent most of my day waiting around for various reasons.  I’m tired, stressed, want to sleep.  BADLY.  My head is fuzzy.

We get to Barra 40 minutes later, get our things together, and head over to the beach.  I lie down so I can FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY take a nap.  I won’t be able to last through my wedding day if I can’t nap, I need 20 minutes, that’s all.

5 minutes in, my phone rings.  Nanubia has just got back to Barra, and is reminding me of our manicure/pedicure appointment (super important for me, as I’m wearing cute sandals to the wedding, and I only have half a toenail on my big toe, due to running).

There’s no time to sleep, I get up, pick up my things, and head over to the salon, while explaining it to the girls that I’m on my way, and they stay at the beach.

4:55pm — Nikki, Nanubia and I arrive at the salon for our 5pm appointment.  We all have a seat and within a minute or two, both of them are called up.  I’m still waiting.  I start fidgeting.

5:15pm — I’m still waiting… Margaret calls me to confirm that the girls from the running group are coming over for dinner in Barra, they’re leaving Copacabana in one hour.  I definitely don’t have time for a nap, much less a run.  I still have to pack both our bags for the honeymoon (we’re leaving straight after the wedding from the hotel), and steam press my dress.

5:20pm — the owner (I think?) of the salon notices me fidgeting (my foot was going back and forth, back and forth) and says “Calm down girl.  Just sit there and wait. Hahaha.” — Idiot.  They all know I’m getting married tomorrow, and instead of him making me feel better about the wait, he makes fun of me?

5:25pm — I give up and leave the salon.  I cannot be there again, plus I’m not going to sit here while the owner makes fun of me, or spend my money at a place that takes my time for granted, after I already wasted thirty minutes in here.  I could have taken a nap in that time!!!  I leave literally in tears.  I’m stressed out, I didn’t get my nails done, and I’m going to be the one person with ugly nails and a half a toenail on my wedding day.

5:26pm — Walking back to the apartment, I bump into the girls on their way back from the beach.  I’m in tears.  They start asking what’s wrong.  I make a list of all the things I wanted to get done and now I have no time, and I never took my nap.  I can’t feel like this on my wedding day!

5:28pm — While they still insist in finding a solution (all I wanted was some sympathy), I blow up all my day’s frustration on them.  My one bridezilla moment.  And I was doing so good!

You know how babies cry when they’re sleepy?  That’s me.  If I’m stressed and I don’t get enough sleep (as in less than 5 hours, I don’t need much), I become an emotional mess.  *sigh*

5:30pm — We get to the apartment, I jump in the shower, and literally sob for almost half an hour straight.  I’m stressed out.  I finally stop myself so that I won’t have puffy eyes on my wedding day.

6pm — I leave the shower, the girls are gone and left a note behind that they’re going back to the hotel.  I feel guilty, I wanted to apologize, and after a good cry I’m finally less stressed.

I don’t have time to mull it over though, as people will be here any minute for dinner.  I start packing for the honeymoon.  I call my mom, and tell her about the nail appointment.

6:30pm — my mom calls up and says that her friend recommended a salon near the hotel in Copacabana, and she made me an appointment for 10am the next day.  I won’t have a half a toenail after all!

7pm — the girls from the running group arrive for dinner.  By then, I’m so much more relaxed, as I got half my packing done and Nanubia and Nikki have helped me steam the major wrinkles off my dress.

Around that time Karl calls to say hello before the wedding.  I tell him that I blew up on Kathy and his sister.

The rain has started, so we decide to go to all-you-can-eat BBQ place.  They haven’t had a chance to go there yet!  As you can see, even though it was past 8pm by the time we got there, my day suddenly got a lot better and I was finally a bit relaxed!

From there, we all went to the supermarket adjacent to it, and everyone loaded up on havaianas flip-flops.  I got back to the apartment around 11:30pm.  I was falling asleep, but had to finish packing.  I went to bed after midnight and set the alarm early the next day — I planned on heading off to the hotel at 8am, to check in, take a nap and make it to my nail appointment in time.

Spoiler alert:  I didn’t have time to take a nap then either!  (And I couldn’t run, the hairdresser had warned me that I couldn’t wash my hair that morning if I wanted the style to hold.)


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6 responses to “STRESSED! Or, the day before the wedding

  1. aww, what a day to have right before your BIG day. thank goodness you finally were able to relax a bit.

    tell me, what did they do for your half a toe nail?! im in the same situation. (no wedding though, lol)

    • If I could do things differently, I wouldn’t have planned anything!

      She put what she called a porcelain nail — you know that one that they shape with the powdery stuff? I guess it’s an acrylic nail, but without the plastic base? My foot was up on her lap, and ten minutes later I had a toenail! You can’t even tell it’s fake at all (and it’s still there, surviving 2 weeks at the beach!)

  2. Girl, I don’t even know what to say… but I totally understand… lack of sleep, even little things make my world feel like it’s crumbling. I know “tomorrow” is better, so I’m looking forward to that post.

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  4. Marlene Trunk

    Even with all the running you do Carla, no one could keep up with all that coordinating, no rest, and being the bride. You really did do a great job!

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