I’m interrupting the wedding recaps to bitch that I went from dealing with this a week ago…

To dealing with this crap!

And it’s not that the smile below is fake, not at all.  But it was taken 5 minutes after I started my 25 minute walk (each way!) in order to meet up with Karl and his coworkers for his goodbye lunch.  The novelty wore off pretty quickly.  The coworkers, however, were a lovely bunch.  I feel sad that he’s leaving a job he truly enjoys to take up the unknown future at the Foreign Services.  Can you believe we’re almost there already?  His first day of work is January 3rd!

The one thing I wish I could do in this weather?  It’s run.  Seriously.   That snow run from months ago is still one of my favorite runs!  If only I wasn’t at work and could jump on the trails (yep, foot be damned!).

We’ll resume our regular scheduled wedding recaps shortly.

Snow, snow, go away!


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3 responses to “Brrrrr…

  1. I am not enjoying this. It can go away now! However if I were you I’d be in shock from the temperature and scenery change. Come on spring!

  2. I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow b/c the roads will be icy…fingers crossed lol

  3. I have never done a snow run, but would love to try it, but it won’t likely happen here in Texas! My mom sent me photos of the Northern VA snow earlier today. 😉

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