And it was time to put on my dress…

Everything was ready, the photographers left so I could put on the dress (unlike here in the US, in Brazil the photographers don’t hang out and take pictures of you getting dressed).

But no worries, because Margaret had her camera ready!

Karena and Nanubia helped tie me up — it wasn’t easy, I kept complaining how it was too tight and I couldn’t breathe or that my boobs were falling out.

I even still had a clip on my hair holding the bang up!

Karena then took over camera duties, while they convinced me that my boobs weren’t falling out after all and we settled for the looser fitting (there was no way I was going to wear a too tight dress all night, that’s for sure!).

The photographers came back and took one last picture of my hair, before the veil went up (have I mentioned how much I LOVED my hair?  Just loved it).

Nanubia and Margaret helped me put my shoes on (I couldn’t really bend over that much!) while Karena went to get dressed.

Nikki (who took my amazing engagement pictures — if you’re in DC, I highly recommend her) came over for a quick hello before heading over to the lobby to grab the shuttle to the church.

And it was time to put on the veil.  Remember, up until this point, I wasn’t nervous at all.  I kept wondering when it was going to hit me.  When I started doing my hair?  Nope.  Makeup?  Nope.  When the photographers arrived?  Nope.  When I got my bouquet?  Nope.

This, this was the time my heart started beating faster and the reality of the day really hit me…


(By the way, I bought my veil from Etsy, at a fraction of the price the stores were charging.  I highly recommend Marisol Aparicio, she was such a sweetheart, and even let me exchange the veil from one size to the other and from white to ivory, refusing any offer for more payment from me, aside from shipping.  I bet she thought I was a pain in the ass, but if she did, she never showed it.  If you are looking for a veil, or know anyone who is, check out her etsy shop.)

And I was ready.  And nervous.  And anxious.

It was time to go take a few pictures before heading out to the church.  To get married!!!  OMG, I’m getting married!

Eventually they convinced me that my boobs weren’t falling off after all and we settled for the looser fitting (there was no way I was going to wear a too tight dress all night, that’s for sure!).


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15 responses to “And it was time to put on my dress…

  1. I’m loving your recap!

    (and your shoes! LOVE!)

  2. Wow you looks absolutely stunning!!! And your dress….wow, it’s beautiful! I love it!

  3. Oh seriously…gorgeous!! You are just radiating happiness!

  4. The photo of you having the veil put on actually made me weepy. 🙂

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  6. I found your blog because of the review of the Skirt Sports running skirt you did back in 2010. I couldn’t resist clicking on your wedding links. I love weddings.
    We think we have the same wedding gown! Is it a Maggie Sottero? Mine was ivory with the gold sash and I had my seamstress add a halter to the top.

    • Yep, Maggie Sottero Karena Royale! We definitely have the same dress! (Too late now, but the Maggie Sottero Karena dress, is the exact same thing, but with a halter top…)

      • christi in ma

        The manufacturer said they couldn’t get the Karena delivered in time. We had a very short engagement (100 days). Bridal store employees all had heart attacks when I walked in August and said I wanted a dress for October – of the same year! Had to go with the strapless and add the halter in alterations. But it all worked out!

        I’m really enjoying reading all of your posts.

        • Your post just made me realize that a TON of my wedding pics got deleted from the blog (I used to link to my FB albums, and I guess with the new FB format it lost the link). I’ll be re-adding it all next week…

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