Picture time!

I love taking pictures, but I admit that I hate posing for them.  Point a camera at me and say “smile!” — I’m all for it.  Now go there and take tons of shots?  I get sooo bored!  (I think that’s why I liked Nikki’s pictures so much, she kind of let us hang out and do our own thing.)

But, you only get married once, right?  (Or at least that’s what we all hope — knock on wood.)

And off to the hotel’s rooftop we went to take more pictures.   I really really really wanted to take pictures outside by the beach, but since all the guests were catching the shuttle from there, it would be impossible to go out without being seen, and the photographers weren’t too keen on taking their equipment to the very crowded beach either.  So at the rooftop we stayed.

I guess this is the one picture that proves, that yes, I did get married in Rio, thankyouverymuch.

The back of the dress in all its glory!

With Karena and Nanubia and their blue dresses (my bridesmaids didn’t wear matching outfits — my requests?  That it be blue, long, with silver sandals.  And you know what?  They all looked gorgeous!):

Showing off our shoes 🙂

Then it was time to leave — the girls went to the lobby to catch the shuttle, the photographers went out to drive to the venue, and I stayed behind, waiting to receive the call, that everyone has left and I can go meet the driver to head to the church…

Little did I know, that my driver was a paparazzi!  He was downstairs taking pictures too…  He took pictures of the hotel…

Of the guests heading over to the shuttle (don’t the girls look so pretty?  And look at Jane’s shoes!)

Then finally, of me coming out of the hotel…

And with my awesome hairstylist/makeup artist, Eliane:

I said my goodbyes to her, and off to the church we went…  The guests had already arrived at the church, and were having fun taking pictures!  Margaret took a few pictures…

My dad, Karena, Karl’s mom, and Karl:

My super-amazing running buddies:  Amy, Margaret, Pete, Erin and Jane

Kathy even took some before and after of some of the groomsmen (she was staying at my brother’s, since her and Lara got along great when they visited us in DC, and Karl got ready there).

Before…  (At this point, I probably already had full hair and makeup, meanwhile the boys were eating cheetos.  Ah, to be a guy…)

And after…

And I was on my way to the church.  Trying not to throw up.  No, really.  I was nervous as hell, when I sat down I felt the full force of the corset of that dress, I had barely eaten all day (who has the time?), and I have a great tendency for motion sickness (I get motion sickness on my commute home almost daily.  It sucks).  Add everything together, and I didn’t think I was going to make it.

The driver, however had a stash of tamarind candy (which is a bit sour), and I was eating one after the other to keep me from vomiting.  Luckily, it worked, and we got to the church with no accidents.


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5 responses to “Picture time!

  1. I love that your bridesmaids all picked their own dresses! They look fab. I love that style 🙂

  2. The shots of you on the balcony are SO beautiful!

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