Yes, finally, after blogging my ass off with pictures of the time leading up to the wedding, now it’s time for the real thing!

I got in the car, the makeup artist did one last lipstick application, helped me get the veil and dress inside the car, and we were off to the church.  By then I was already nervous.  I also have a HUGE tendency for motion sickness (it’s ridiculous, really).  Add those two factors to the tight dress, and I’m surprised I didn’t throw up.  But I almost did.  That would have not been fun.

We arrived near the church, and he parked by the reception area (about a block away), since the street of the church is closed off to cars.  We were about 20 minutes early.  My dad came to say hello, and decided to wait in the car with me.

The Wedding Planner stops by.  Ceremony time comes and goes, and nothing of the wedding starting.  One of my bridesmaids is nowhere to be seen.  The flower girl and ring bearer, are also missing, as they’re her kids.

We hear of a police checkpoint near where they live (it was an interesting week to visit Rio, to say the least, as the police decided to do a crack down on drug trafficking that week and invade the slums), and traffic there is backed up for miles, so at least we know they’re likely stuck in traffic, and not out in an emergency somewhere (they were supposed to be there at 7pm, the ceremony was planned to start at 8pm, and I think it really didn’t start until 8:20pm or so).  It was nerve-wrecking.

The ceremony finally started, and following Brazilian tradition, Karl went in with his mom.

My mom walked in with his dad…

…and then it was time for the rest of the wedding party.  My brother and Lara were the first to enter the church.  They got married about a year and a half ago, and I missed their wedding, as I couldn’t make it to Rio during that time!

Followed by Karl’s sister and her husband…  (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the blue of her dress?)

And the rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen…  Nanubia, my maid of honor, with Dave, Karl’s best man…  I met Nanubia here in DC years ago, as she used to work with my sister.  She is also Brazilian, living in the DC area, and now engaged to an American (my friend Brit — I introduced the two of them!).  Karl has known Dave since his Army days, and considers him his BFF.  We even visited him and his adorable family back in Charleston around Memorial Day weekend.  His wife and kid couldn’t make it to Rio, however.

Karl’s friend Roque with one of my best friends in the whole world, Erica (the cause for the late start).  I’ve been friends with Erica since 97, when we moved to NYC as my dad was transferred there to work for the UN (and I’ve been living in the US since).  Her dad, who was also in the Brazilian Air Force stationed in NYC, helped my dad find his house and settle in, so I bonded with her and her sister Danielle.  Erica SUCKS at writing emails, and now we’re both pretty bad calling each other.  But when we see one another, even after years away, there’s no awkwardness or small talk, it is as if not one day has gone by (even though now she’s a doctor, married with three kids!).  Karl also met Roque back on his Army days, and the three of them (Karl, Roque and Dave) have taken many trips together!

Then Aya and Adam.  I’ve known Aya for a few years, and met her at the volleyball courts, but we first bonded over the World Cup back in 2006 (she was rooting for Japan, I was rooting for Brazil).  It was her second time in Rio, as she visited with me back in April 07.  Adam is another one of Karl’s Army buddies (they were all stationed in Seoul around the same time).

Then it was Gabi and my brother’s turn again (she had to go last, to allow my brother to go back out and catch her).  Remember when I mentioned a groomsman got stuck in Idaho due to a snowstorm?  He never made it.  Karl’s childhood friend, Jay, was supposed to walk down with my childhood friend, Gabi.  I met Gabi on 1st grade, and we been great friends since.  Just like Erica, we can spend months without talking (this living outside of the country thing makes it hard to keep in touch!), but when we see each other, it’s like not one day has gone by.

Lastly, it was time for Erica’s kids to steal the show.  I knew they were going to be the hit of the ceremony, and I wasn’t wrong.  They are ADORABLE.  You can tell that Ana was super-shy, and her brother Paulo, was leading her in.  Erica told him “look confident!” and he took that as “look serious!” — adorable nonetheless.  Don’t you just want to smooch them?

I finally said that I had to pee, and just then we got the ok to head to the church.  The wedding party had made their way in, the church doors had been closed (ok, I admit I had no idea they’d be closing the church doors until I got there).  Heck, I’m not making people wait any longer, I can hold.  Time to get out of the car.  (Check out my shoes!  And the big toe on my left foot is actually a fake nail, perfect, no?  You can’t even tell I’m a runner by looking at my toenails!)

My dad helped me out of the car…

And off we went to the church — as you can see, we had a red carpet from the church to the reception…  I should note that the wedding was in downtown Rio, at a historical street.  Most of Rio doesn’t look like this (but don’t the old buildings look awesome?)

And though the picture above is a super nice picture our photographers caught of me, the driver caught one that pretty much shows how I was feeling…  (Please click on it, my expression is priceless.)

At this time, I was telling my dad “I’m going to cry, I’m going to cry” and his exact words were “don’t cry, you’ll look horrible if you do” — thanks, dad!  But it worked, I kept the tears at bay…

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  1. I’m hyper-emotional today and these photos had me crying. Everything is so amazingly gorgeous. And I’m in love with your shoes!!! LOL. Thank you for sharing every little moment.

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