Cocktail Hour!

While we were upstairs taking pictures with our family and the wedding party, the guests arrived and were enjoying cocktail hour.

My older brother’s wife on the left, my nephew on the right (yep, nephew, for real), and his fiancee.

I had friends traveling within Brazil too!  I hadn’t seen my friends Paola (on the left) and Rosana (on the right) in over 10 years!!!

The girls from DC look great too!

My friend Harumi also traveled to see us.  I met her when I was 7 years old.  Her father is also a retired four-star general for the Brazilian Air Force (of course, when we met, both our dads were on active duty still).  We lived in the same military area and our dogs became obsessed with each other, every time I would walk my dog, she would stop at their house to sniff their dog through the gates.  Eventually, I met Harumi and we became quick friends.  Then we moved to Brasilia — then she moved to Brasilia.  Then her family moved back to Rio, then my family moved back to Rio.  She even lived a few months in DC last year on a work assignment!

Can you believe my grandmother is 90 years old already?  She on the left, while my great-aunt (who was married to my grandfather’s brother) is on the right.  My brother’s wife family is in the middle.  I really really wished my grandfather had lived another two years so he could share this day with me.  He was my favorite person in the whole world.  I’m so happy that my grandmother was there though.  She’s still healthy, walks everywhere, and makes dirty jokes (such as asking Lara, my brother’s wife, is she’s been exercising.  When she said no, my grandmother said “Start exercising in bed!  I need a great-grandkid!”).

And of course, folks from the running group were there representing — don’t they clean up well?  Even Brit, Nanubia’s boyfriend, looks sharp with his suit — it’s the first time I see him in a suit!  He’s used to wearing wife-beaters, to Nanubia’s dismay.

While Adam was upstairs taking pictures, his wife was hanging out with the running group girls too!  Everyone looks so pretty!  (I really have to hang out with them sans sweaty clothes more often!)

My friend Tiffany also traveled all the way from DC with her mom!  I met Tiffany at volleyball years ago.  And she really had fun in Rio — she even went hang gliding!!!  (Though I think her mom sat that one out…)

Karl’s groomsman, Roque, brought his whole family down from Mexico!  (They’re those retired people that can live part-time in California, part-time in the Yucatan — that’s the life…)  Karl considers them a second family to him, so it was great that they got to join us!

My dad’s side of the family from the south of Brazil (the rest of my German and Austrian blood), also came up to Rio!  I hadn’t seen them in years!  (Actually, the last time I saw the guy you see on the left, I was holding him in my lap and he was still bald — yep, when he was just a newborn.)  My brother gets to see them more often, since he has traveled many times to the south, and is around when they make it up to Rio, but since every time that I visit Brazil now, I only make it to Rio, I don’t get to see anyone else…

While everyone was enjoying cocktail hour, the rest of us were upstairs taking pictures…


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3 responses to “Cocktail Hour!

  1. So many beautiful people! Love these detailed recaps.

  2. Marlene Trunk

    Loved putting all your history to those names and faces, thanks!

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