The details…

We left the ceremony and went off to take a few pictures. I’m totally getting the picture above printed on a canvas (yay for Groupon!)

It’s funny to be ordered around by your photographers.  “Now smooch him against the wall”

“Can I show my shoes, can I show my shoes?”  “Uh, ok”  (I think they were tired of my shoe obsession!)

In the meantime, our second photographer was taking pictures of the reception place, before the guests arrived.  The reception was only a half block away from the church, but he got a head start!

The reception was held at Cais do Oriente Restaurant, which is also in an old historical building in downtown Rio.  The restaurant is only open for lunch (since downtown is not really a “happening place” at night, when all the office workers have gone home), and it’s apparently not cheap to eat there at lunch.  At night, you can rent it for private events (and bring your own caterer, etc).  We had an outside caterer for our wedding, but we used their furniture, and the staff they provided.

The great thing about a venue that has so many amazing details, is that with proper lighting, you really don’t need to worry too much about decorations and flower arrangements.  We skipped the table linens, and our centerpieces were simple.  Anything more than that, would have overwhelmed the place and taken away from the amazing atmosphere.

The restaurant has two main areas, the front area, from the pictures above, and the back area, that is completely outdoors, but with a glass rooftop that can open and close depending on the weather (the rooftop was open for our wedding, since it was a nice day).  They also have an upstairs area (where we were taking pictures at), but it was closed off for the wedding, as we only had about 150 people (it fits 300 with the upstairs).

And remember our custom napkins?  Some guests took them home with them (what the heck will they do with our napkins??), but we still had enough to bring home with us!  Aren’t they cute?  (And yes, the dates on the napkins are done the Brazilian way, day/month/year.)  I totally need to remember to pull them out for our Christmas dinner tomorrow!

And our cake, not only it was pretty, but yummy too!  (Dulce de leche — or as we call it “doce de leite” — filling!  Hmmmm)

And do you see that little thing in between us?  Lucas representing!  And of course, our respective flags 🙂

(And did I mention that our custom cake toppers were a whopping 30 bucks?)

We also had a sweets table.  And believe me, it tasted WAY better than it looked.  (And they looked great, so you can even imagine how they tasted like!)  If there’s one thing Brazilians know how to make is sweets and desserts.  Those mini-cups?  There were dozens of them, but I never even got to taste them.  They had brigadeiro inside!

I really didn’t even know we had sweets tables  (I mean, I knew, but I forgot during the wedding) until at the very end of the reception, and I was way too full (or just not hungry) to try them (the horror, I know!  I never say no to sweets!).  So I only got to taste the leftovers that my mother kept in the freezer for us for when we got back from honeymooning!  (There were plenty of those, just not one of everything left.  Those 8 pounds I gained in Rio?  About 5 of them must have been from the leftover sweets.)

We also had little boxes with “bem casados” — it’s a Brazilian tradition for weddings and it means “well married.”  They’re basically two round thin pieces of cakes, stuck together with dulce de leche.  We didn’t take any pictures of them (I devoured promptly every box I opened — again, after the honeymoon), but the boxes they came in were adorable…  (This site has a recipe in English and pictures of how they look like.)

The guests were starting to come in to enjoy the cocktail hour!


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6 responses to “The details…

  1. I’ve been loving this whole series, even if I haven’t been commenting as much. I cannot believe how AMAZING your photos are. And now I’m loving the fact that Brazil evidently has a national truffle. That’s my kind of country.

  2. Carla,

    I am getting married next September and we’d like to have a very similiar cake topper to yours! Where did you get it from? Most that I’ve seen on Etsy have been $100+ but $30 is a steal and yours are adorable!!!


    • The bad news is that we got it done in Brazil. My mom knows the person who makes these for her little store (she makes jars and all sort of other cute stuff like this, not just cake toppers). It was even cheaper than $30, but my mom was so shocked with the price, she gave her some extra money because of it. The cheapest I’ve seen on Etsy was from this seller:

  3. Carla, I am in love with your whole wedding! I have loved every post and picture. It looks like you had a the wedding of a lifetime! I hope your marriage is the same. 🙂 Congratulations again!

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