Formal Pictures…

I was DYING to join the party, but didn’t want to miss out getting pictures with everyone upstairs either.  Sadly, because it was night, and we were in the middle of downtown Rio, we couldn’t get those great shots with incredible backgrounds, or one of all of us jumping up on the grass.  But the pictures are special nonetheless…

We got a picture with Erica’s adorable kids…  (I finally got to smooch them!)

We got a shot with all the bridesmaids in their blue dresses!

We got all the groomsmen in one shot as well (save for the missing one stuck in Idaho, boo!)

The groomsmen lifted me up!

The girls showed off our shoes!  Just like I let them each choose a blue dress, I also let everyone choose their own silver sandals.

Then the guys lifted Karl up!

We got a shot with both sets of parents…

I got a picture with my parents, both my brothers and my sister!  I don’t remember the last time all of us were together in a room, since my sister lives here in DC as well, and my brother lives in Rio, and she goes to Rio with her family during a completely different time that I go.  (I think I mentioned before, that my older brother and sister are from my father’s first marriage.  Though they’re technically my “half” siblings, I just see them as my siblings, period.  There’s nothing half about them.)

We had to take a picture of all the boys and girls too!  (I love all the blue!  Just love it!)

And Karena’s husband, even tried to woo Karl away!

The bridal party was finally released to the cocktail hour, flip-flops in tow, and Nanubia helped me remove the veil and put my hair flower on…

And Karl and I took a couple more pictures.  You know, like of our usual Saturday activity, when I sit on a chair and look up adoringly at him…

Or when I just get lost in my thoughts thinking of world peace and what not.

The photographer then went downstairs, and Karl and I were left on our own.  We were brought up dinner and drinks, so we finally got a chance to eat.  I pulled my camera out and took a picture of us…

The waiter got a shot while we were ready to eat…  (I’m so glad we had a few moments alone and we were served food — we had no chance to eat anything after we joined the party, and I only had 2 drinks the whole night because I was either hugging people or on the dance floor.  We were supposed to have our own waiter catering to us all night, but I never saw him after we joined the party…)

Some of the yummy food…  (Beef in the white bowls, mushroom risotto in the coconut bowls.)  We had “small plates” at the wedding — that way people could eat as many plates as they wanted, and try everything if they liked.  We also served a dried cod fish plate (dried cod is very popular in Brazil, due to our Portuguese heritage) and a shrimp with soft cheese served inside a mini-pumpkin as well.  We didn’t get a chance to eat the shrimp dish, but we got to take some of it back to the hotel with us, and devoured it at 4am, and didn’t even think of taking pictures of how adorable the mini-pumpkins looked.

We ate, then kept waiting for the “go” from the wedding planner.  That took ridiculously long, and we were really frustrated that we were not allowed to join the party, and had to hang around waiting for 20-30 minutes.  It was OUR party that we were missing out on!  This was our biggest frustration of the day.   But we finally got the go ahead…

Next week, I will FINALLY get into the reception pictures (I have a whole album on facebook with just the party pictures!) and I can finish the rest of the recaps.

My foot is feeling a bit better too, so I’m hoping to start running again next week as well, so you know, this running blog can be about running again.  And if you celebrate this holiday, Merry Christmas to you!  (And if you don’t, yay for other people’s holidays where you still get the day off!)

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  1. Marlene Trunk

    Interesting running comments on the formal picture taking! You’ve got a great and quick mind,Carla.

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