The BIG entrance

I really didn’t care about making an entrance to the reception.  As I wrote on the previous post, I was super annoyed that we had to hang out upstairs, waiting for over 20 minutes, AFTER we had finished eating, for the “go ahead” so we could make our entrance.  I don’t give a crap about all the theatrics, and I care even less about being told what to do, in what is technically, my own party.  But frustrated as we were, we still waited around, until we were told “go!”

Picking my entrance song was hard.  I wanted something Brazilian, since the DJ wouldn’t be playing any Brazilian music, at our request (as the Brazilians would be familiar with the American songs, but not vice-versa), and a Brazilian song seemed fitting.  I wanted something very “Brazilian” one that all Brazilians had heard of, but that was also upbeat.  A week before the wedding, as I was meeting with the wedding planner, and Gabi had stopped by to say hello, she suggested “How about that one…?”  And it was perfect!  O Que E, O Que E, by Gonzaguinha:

(I know most of you, if not all of you, don’t know the song above, but totally play it and let it stay in the background while looking at the photos below, it’ll add to the atmosphere.)

Here is a rough translation of the chorus:  “To live, and not be afraid to be happy, to sing and to sing and to sing, the beauty of being an eternal apprentice…  Oh my god!  I know, that life should be a lot better and it will definitely be, but that doesn’t stop be from repeating, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful and it’s beautiful…”

And we walked down the stairs and into the dance floor…

Towards our parents and our cake…

Cut our cake…

Fed each other (no cake smashing here!)

(And have I mentioned our cake was delicious, with dulce de leche filling?  Hmmmmm…)

Our parents were called around us, and we all toasted together.

And then it was our turn to make a speech — this was also following Brazilian tradition!  Only the groom and the bride make speeches, the father, maid-of-honor and best man are luckily free of the responsibility!  (And I don’t mind public speaking whatsoever, but I had nothing prepared, so again, I sucked and just said a quick thank you!)  Karl’s impromptu speech was great though!

Then the song ended, and here is where the next frustration of the night happened…  Our friend Gabriela, a former ballerina and dance instructor, taught us how to dance our first dance.  Nothing fancy, but enough so we wouldn’t look like teenagers on a school dance.  And we practiced, practiced, practiced.  We knew each step and when to do each thing with the music.  The DJ?  Decided to “DJ” our first song!  So while we had the whole intro setup, he skipped it, and started right at the words of the song.  Then he almost cut the end of it, and I had to stop and tell him to put it back, and he ended up repeating part of the song.  If I knew that it was even possible to have that happen, I would have told the wedding planner to tell him to play the full song.  But too late now.  We were caught by surprise, all our rehearsing was for nothing, and we looked totally awkward since none of it went the way we wanted to.  So our first dance was not as nice and romantic as it could be.  It was clumsy and we were both frustrated 😦

Our song?  Was At Last, by Etta James.

And yes, I still hate my bustle (and bustles in general), but it was inevitable (and even with it on, people still stepped on it ALL NIGHT LONG).

I did a few spins…

And we ended it with a dip (that was supposed to have lasted longer, but unfortunately, due to the whole change in the length of the song, it was super quick, and no one got a proper picture of it with our full bodies!)

Then it was time to finally enjoy the party!


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4 responses to “The BIG entrance

  1. Just jumping in a bit late to congratulate you on your wedding! I haven’t had much free time lately and fell WAY behind on blog reading, but just spent a good chunk of time viewing all your wedding photos. So beautiful!

    You guys are adorable and I know will have a wonderful life together!

  2. Seriously, one of the best weddings that I’ve seen photos of. I’ve seen bigger ones and more elaborate… but everything just seemed so gorgeous and perfect. And your photographer was absolutely phenomenal… seriously. Man, I regret not having good wedding photos.

    • Thanks, Lesley! It was not only the best wedding I have ever been to, but also the best party I ever attended — sure, it was my own wedding, but we all had soooo much fun. The whole thing was splendid, and I would love to attend a wedding like mine as a guest!

      Photographer was my number 1 priority! 🙂

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