The Party: Let’s SAMBA!

I thought after the first dance, we’ll be free to enjoy the party.  But turns out, when you’re a bride, everyone wants to stop, hug and congratulate you, so off we went making the rounds instead of dancing…

Thankfully, the party didn’t depend on us, as others were already enjoying the dance floor!

But in between all the greeting, Karl and I still had some fun too!

Even the kids took some time to enjoy the music!

Then party favors started going around…  I got a feather-boa to wear, Karl got a beer mug hat…

Because we had a surprise for our guests…  The DJ music suddenly stopped and you could hear drums approaching the party from the street…

A live samba band interrupted the DJ and played for an hour!  (Now you know why we told the DJ “no Brazilian music!”  Because we had live samba for an hour!)

The band came complete with samba dancers!  (Oh boy, the American guys went crazy for that! I think Pete’s exact words were “I saw a butt right in front of my face, and thought ‘I don’t know what this is, but I like it!'”)

While Karl and I still had to step out and greet more guests, the party went on…

But of course, we came back to the dance floor a few more times!

Sometime in the middle of the samba, flip-flops also got distributed to the girls, so they could take their heels off and party all night long  (you’ll see some flip-flop pictures on the following recaps!)

Married life has started quite well for Karl…

Even Nikki, who is not much of a wedding person was enjoying the party!

My brother’s wife was having a blast!

And so was Karl’s sister!

She had gone to a “samba school” rehearsal the week before the wedding, and had loved it.  It was hard to keep the surprise from her after that, but we managed to keep our mouths shut!

Of course, Karl and I had to take a picture with the dancer too, since the samba started the party on the right note!

Now how many weddings have you gone to that had live samba?

It was AWESOME!  And very-very-Brazilian.


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5 responses to “The Party: Let’s SAMBA!

  1. Grace

    You really know how to throw a party! What an amazing time you & your guests must have had!

    • My parents planned the whole wedding, it was spectacular and well beyond my expectations! I heard a lot of “this is the best party I’ve ever been to” from guests 🙂

      Either way, Brazilians know how to party — weddings in Brazil do have a lot of dancing!

  2. Marlene Trunk

    The heat, the dancing , and the drums really warmed up this old lady’s blood! Hot Hot Samba

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all of your stories and photos! Wonderful! (And it totally makes me want to plan a trip to Brazil!)

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