And the party continues…

On non-wedding news, tomorrow will be my return to running.  Eeeek!  I’m excited but nervous, I’m afraid that even running 3 miles won’t be easy after over a month off.

Back to wedding recaps, the samba school left the building, the DJ took over and the party continued…

Karl showed off some, uh, new dance moves…

People took picture of their feet to show off the havaianas we gave out…  (*cough*margaret*cough*)

Karl danced with some of his groomsmen…

I danced with Karl…

And it was finally time to throw off the bouquet.  I saw my brother’s wedding video (I missed his wedding last year), and his wife took AGES to throw it out.  I had already warned the DJ, mine would be quick and easy, none of that “here it go!  Just kidding!  I’m throwing it now!  Kidding again!”  I got up on the chair…

The single girls were gracious enough to participate and given mini-veils to put on…

And I threw the bouquet back!

And this picture below?  Priceless!

Then it was Karl’s turn to then throw a box of whiskey to the single men (following Brazilian tradition — way more exciting than that whole garter thing!).  Yes, the bottle was removed before throwing it back — but promptly put back in to the winner.

Karl threw the box with the same force as someone would if the box was full.  Needless to say, it skipped all the single guys, and landed on the foot of a married guy (my dad’s friend) a couple of tables back.  Well, that made him the winner!

The party kept going after this…  Ken was slightly drunk (weren’t we all?)

My cousins (and their cousin) played around with the veils (I love this picture!)

My (also drunk) brother posed with his wife…  And don’t let this picture fool you, my brother is 6’1″ (maybe 6’2″?), his wife is way taller than me.  Meanwhile they’re posing next to the giant of the party (the sweaty guy in blue), so they both look so short!

The party didn’t end there, of course not!  Time for cake!

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