The day after

After the biggest party of my life was over, Karl and I got in the car to go back to the hotel — for the first time that night, we finally got a chance to catch up, and there was a lot of “oh, remember when this happened?”  “And wasn’t it funny when this happened?”

When I was getting ready that day, the hotel’s front desk had called me to ask what time I planned to be back.  I had no idea, but they wanted a guess.  I told them “I don’t know, one or two o’clock?” (we were back at 3:30am).  I had a feeling they would have a bottle of champagne or something waiting for us.  I wasn’t wrong…

We walked into the room to champagne, a fruit platter and flowers, and mood lighting.   The table that was used for makeup earlier that day, had been cleaned and was now topped with linens (oh, and the whole room had been cleaned and organized as well).

We took one picture of us (super super tired but super super happy)…

Then I got excited and show Karl the view of the room — he hadn’t seen the room yet (one of the joys of planning the wedding from outside of the country, is that EVERYTHING is a surprise!).  At night, you could make out the Sugarloaf Mountain (Pao de Acucar), at the edge of Copacabana beach, but the picture doesn’t show it…

We still attempted to take pictures of each other with the view — but I only had my point & shoot with me  as I had decided not to take my fancy camera to the honeymoon for fear of getting sand on it and I didn’t know how safe the honeymoon location would be (turns out it was super-safe, and I could have walked around the beach with it hanging on my neck, alone, in the middle of the night, and no one would have bothered me).  So we couldn’t get the lighting to adjust on these pictures — our faces were either too dark with no flash on…

Or bright enough with the flash, but without the view.

We finally made our way back in, ate the fruit platter and the shrimp dish we had brought with us from the wedding (since we never got to try it!).  Turns out we were STARVING.  We finally opened the door of the suite to our room, and we encountered this (which would be a theme for the next week!):

Yes!  Flower petals on our bed, chocolate and robes!  And they had changed the bedsheets to a lacy one — much nicer than the one that was in the room when the photographers were there while I was getting ready!

We finally went to bed around 5:30am, after I took a loooong shower — my feet looked like I was dancing in charcoal all night.  Disgusting.  Plus, I had been sweating all night too (I was dancing hard core!).  I also covered my hair with a conditioning mask, as it was too late to wash my hair, but I didn’t want to sleep with all the gunk by itself on it (I should mention that I NEVER use any hair product, so the feeling of it was really weird), so I tried to counteract by soaking it up with conditioner so it would be back to its regular softness the next day (it worked!).

I gave a quick call to the front desk asking for a wake-up call of 8am, as we were meeting up with folks in the morning for breakfast.  One of those things that were a great idea at the time, but knowing we had to wake up 3 hours later, definitely made us go “WTF were we thinking?” (and I bet all our friends who agreed to this also were thinking the same thing!).

But we don’t regret it one bit!  It was hard to wake up (OMG, so hard!), but I jumped in the shower, washed my hair, and went down to the breakfast room at 9 (the hotel everyone was staying, the Windsor Miramar in Copacabana, had full breakfast included — a very nice breakfast buffet, with all sorts of food, including amazing fresh fruit and juices.  Not bad for $135/night, right?  Though of course, our suite was a bit more expensive than that).

Everyone was super tired but still talking about how great the whole wedding was!

Can you tell our eyes are red from the lack of sleep?  We’re showing off our rings while Karena, Karl’s sister, laughs at us!  Her husband?  Never made it out of bed that morning — he was very hungover (again, a sign of a good party!).

We stuffed our faces (no really, we did), and headed back to the room to pack, as my parents were coming by around 1pm to pick us up for the airport.

Karl’s friends and dad stopped by to say goodbye and take pictures with the view from our balcony (sugarloaf is in full view under daylight!).

After everyone left, I took pictures of the view myself!  The beach was already getting full — it was the perfect beach weather!  The running group folks (who we saw at breakfast, despite of my lack of pictures) and Nikki were off to the sugarloaf that morning.  Perfect day for it.

See those square roofs along the boardwalk?  They’re outdoor bars and cafes.  The lack of cars on the road closest to the beach is due to road closure every Sunday for walkers, runners and bikers.  Even though you can see the paved running trail between the boardwalk and the road (you can see the small lane divider), there’s just so many people exercising on Sundays, that the city encourages it by closing down some of the main roads along the water.  Nice, huh?

Of course I couldn’t help but take a picture of our new bling with the view!  (Yes, I got old lady hands.)

I also took a shot of the other side of the beach, with Copacabana Fort in view — we almost had our reception there, since my dad gets a 50% military discount (it has spectacular views, but no nearby churches were available, and we didn’t want people to have to drive from the church to the reception).

Karl took a picture with the view as well…  (Sorry, I took one of myself too, but the lack of sleep made it too horrible for posting.  I’m vain, what can I say?)

And lastly I got one showing what I REALLY feel about Rio de Janeiro, my hometown…

We finished packing and headed down to the lobby — for more goodbyes to the people we bumped into, and to wait for my parents, who ended up being there super early.  My mom had some of the sweets for us, and we munched in them in the car on the way to the airport.

Next?  Honeymoon!


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  1. I love this!! I have so enjoyed following all of these posts . Your wedding was so unique and so fun!

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