And we ventured outside of Maragogi…

One of the days of our honeymoon, we left the resort in Maragogi and went to explore a different beach for the day…  This was Praia dos Carneiros, about 40 minutes from our resort.

The tide was so low when we got there!  We walked on the water for 10 minutes, straight out, and it was still only touching our knees…

We took a boat trip, and I did one of my favorite things:  I dove head first off the boat!

Then we stopped by a secluded beach, where we could rub a sort of natural clay to take years off our looks (I don’t think it worked…)

By the time we got back to Praia dos Carneiros, the tide was much higher, the water was up to our waist, only a few feet away from the shore…

But that didn’t prevent us from crossing the parts that were the sand was no longer visible, to explore the other side of the beach…

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