Back to running and NYE!

Since we all got Friday off from work, instead of scheduling our usual Saturday run for Saturday, I scheduled it for Friday as it seemed like the perfect way to end the year.

Over 20 people from the group showed up!  It was a great turn out!

I knew my run would not be pleasant, but I had no idea it would be that hard!  I ran with Margaret for the most part, and while we talked about boys, she was nice enough to run at my super-slow pace (really, slower than my marathon pace…).  And I still really wanted to stop and walk.  It was THAT bad.  But I didn’t want to be stuck running alone, so I sucked it up, and ran with Margaret the whole way.  I can tell you right now that if it wasn’t for her, my run would have stopped at two miles.  Instead, we finished 5.4 miles in an hour.  I can’t think her enough for keeping me company!

Was I really running a marathon just two months ago?  *sigh* I knew I was going to lose some endurance, but I had no idea I was going to lose ALL endurance.  To add to the humiliation, my calves were TIGHT on Saturday.  As if I had been running for miles on end…

On the bright side, I have not felt my foot hurting since Wednesday night.  Not at all.  If I press on the spot, I still feel pain, so it’s not completely healed, but I can walk, run, jump, and NOTHING.  After weeks of pain, this is incredible!

After the run, I went with Margaret to see Black Swan (it’s a big WTF movie, seriously, throughout the whole movie I was either cringing or going WTF??), and then I headed back home to get ready for our New Years Eve!

Since there’s a chance it will be our last NYE in DC for a while, we wanted to celebrate with people.  We wanted something laid back, but not too laid back…  And it was perfect!  A few of the running group folks came over, we had plenty of drinks and snacks!  Jeremy, Kathy, Amber, Angela, Gray and his roommate Nicole, made the night into a perfect celebration!

We started out very well behaved at my place…

Then headed over to a local pub walking distance from us for the countdown…

Karl even brought out his beer-mug hat he wore at our wedding reception!

I played around with his hat too, though it was a bit too big for my head…

There were quite a few drinks around…

And after midnight we made our way to the dance floor and danced until the place closed down (sadly, in VA that’s not too late…)

There was even some bro-mance going on.

And lots of laughs!

And an overall really really good time!

After we left, we walked back to my place and hung out some more.  Angela was the first one to leave, shortly after Amber started going on and on about how she speaks Peruvian-Japanese, while I speak Spanish-Portuguese (“no Amber, I speak Portuguese, there’s no Spanish, it’s a completely different language…”) right before passing out on the couch with Nicole.  Around 4:30am, Jeremy was able to find a cab, and Amber took advantage and shared a cab with him (cabs are hard to find in this area in NYE).  Nicole spread out on the couch, while I got an air mattress for Gray.

Is it wrong that this made me feel super-young?  Here I am at 31 with people passed out in my apartment??  (In interest of full-disclosure should mention that Karl also fell asleep on the floor, with his head on top of his hand weights, before getting up and heading to bed?)

The next day, we woke up at almost noon, everyone headed back home, then we met with Jeremy, Kathy and Amber for some awesome Korean BBQ, before heading back for a nap, and heading out again — this time to Jeremy’s place while we killed our childhood dreams by watching Neverending Story (no one should see that as an adult…).

We rounded up the weekend by going to the welcome happy hour for the new class at the State Department (Karl starts his new career today!), and then off to the Arlington Drafthouse for some beer while movie-watching (we saw the movie RED).

Today?  The day started out with me giving my notice.  A bit nerve-wrecking, if I’m being honest.  We decided that it would be best if I took language classes with Karl, after all, if I’m going to live in a country for two years, I’ll have a much better time if I speak the language.  Since I work for an international organization, I need to give 30 days notice, but we don’t find out where and when we’re leaving until January 31st.  Language training should start a week after that, but it might be later.  So I’m giving my notice and taking a chance.  If Karl gets assigned a Portuguese-speaking country, I’ll be sitting on my ass for 6 months without a job.

Regardless of the outcome, I only have 3 paychecks left at this place, and I need to learn how to be frugal, something Karl is great at, but me?  Not so much.  I like pretty things and gadgets.

This should be an interesting year…


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4 responses to “Back to running and NYE!

  1. Looks like you had a fun NYE! And oh man, Neverending Story…i probably watched that movie over a thousand times in my childhood!

  2. Is it really sad that this made me want to watch Neverending Story? LOL

    On a more serious note, that is awesome that you will be able to take language classes with Karl!

    • Hahaha, it’ll kill your childhood dreams…

      I should be able to take it with him, BUT it’s pending availability, so there’s a chance I won’t be able to, but by the time I find out, it’s too late to put my notice, so I’m really taking a chance here.

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