Last bit of honeymooning…

I know, I know, I keep posting these beach pictures, while most of us are dealing with cold winters, but I can’t help it!  We honeymooned in paradise, and revisiting these pictures helps me get through the winter too…

On our last full day at the beach, we decided to take a long walk and explore the other side of Maragogi, going towards the town and past it. It was, of course, another beautiful day…

Everything was picture perfect, and seeing all the fishermen boats lined up, added to the charm.

Can you imagine how hard it was to leave this place??

We had been here a week, and of course, we had gotten used to this lifestyle…  Stuffing our faces with ridiculous amounts of food, walking on the beach, taking naps on the shade…

We both just loved the town of Maragogi!  It was so peaceful and quiet…

That day, we walked far enough until we reached a river.

The view was too beautiful to pass up, and we couldn’t help but cross to the other side!

The other side was just as gorgeous, with the river on one side…

And the ocean on the other…

We walked until we reached civilization again — there was another resort right by the beach.  By then, it had been over an hour since we left the hotel, so after snapping a couple of pictures, we headed back.

The tide was definitely higher when we got back to the other side.

A lot of the beach we had been walking on had been washed out!  We even had to take the streets to get past some parts — if we had waited another hour, we could have ended up stuck on the other side of town with no way of walking back to the resort.

We were also getting hungry and tired.  We had left straight after breakfast, and it was almost 2pm at this point.  We both feared we would miss out on lunch too!

But we did make it in time to stuff our faces a bit more (how did I gain 8 lbs again?  Oh yeah, that’s right…)

And we even took a couple of pictures on the non-beach parts of the resort…

Can you tell how tanned we got?

The next morning was officially our last day in town, checkout was at noon, so we woke up VERY early (it’s good that the sun was already out at 5am, we took full advantage of it), and enjoyed a bit more of the beach.  The tide in the morning was low — we walked, walked, walked, and the water never went past our thighs.

I had to sit down to cool myself off a bit!

It was really hard to leave Maragogi.  The only consolation is that we knew we had another week left in Rio, to ease us back into normal life…



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3 responses to “Last bit of honeymooning…

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  2. Jen

    Carla, Thanks for posting your wedding/honeymoon recap and all the awesome pictures! I’m a sucker for wedding pictures, even when I don’t know anyone in them! And these were cool to see a bit of Brazil and your culture. Congratulations and I’m sending wishes for a great location for Karl’s job. I think 2011 is going to be super cool for you both, and I can’t wait to read all about it on your blog!

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