The unknown…

The last few days have been filled with excitement and anxiety, to say the least…

As I mentioned, on Monday I gave work my 30-day notice and February 3rd will be my last day at the office, and the first time in over 13 years where I will not have a job (and about 10 years since the last time I held a part-time one!).  The thought of not working is terrifying, to say the least.  Months ago, I was so excited about the opportunity, but now that it’s here, and it’s real, I can’t help but be scared.  It’s all part of it, right?

Wednesday Karl got the list of the cities we have to bid on with the State Department.  I would LOVE to be sharing it with you guys, but he said that I cannot be posting it on Facebook or here on the blog (boo!).  So, until January 31st, when we find out where we are officially going, I have to be secretive about our options!

The good news?  Rio is on the list!!! (I can’t help it, I HAD to share this one!)  No other Brazil posts, sadly (there is a consulate two hours away from where we spent our honeymoon — ah, if only…)  There are also a couple of South American countries that we’re putting on high, a few Asian countries we’re really excited about, a few posts in Europe that also look promising, but surprisingly, barely any Africa on the list and also just a few Middle Eastern places.  But as with everything, there are some places listed that the thought of living there for two years of my life makes me cringe.  Unsafe places, remote places, dirty places.

We’ll jump for joy if we get anything on our “high” list, we will certainly have a great life if we get anything we put on our “medium” list, but really really really hope we don’t get stuck going to our “low” locations (and I admit that not all of our “low” are horrible places — some are just too cold for our liking, or just places we don’t have any interest in the culture, but I know how other people would consider them good options).

So, we still have 24 days until we find out where we will end up for the next two years of our life.  Until then, we can’t make any plans.  Because, really, though I have to clean up my closets, what if I get stuck in a place where is summer year-round?  Then surely I need to keep more tank tops around, and get rid of my winter clothes.  But if we end up in one of the more colder European countries, I can cut my summer wardrobe in half (I do have too much stuff), but I better hang on to my winter clothes.

And there’s an issue of the car!  I drive a ’01 Corolla.  In some countries, I can bring it along with no problem.  In others, I cannot bring my own car.  Others, though I can bring my car but it has to be newer.  Others, I need an SUV to drive around due to road conditions.

See how it gets complicated?  You can’t make plans until you KNOW.

And lastly?  We can leave as early as April or as late as December.  And for some reason, I’m rooting for April.

Now I wish I could run to forget my worries, but my hip started hurting last Wednesday after my first run back. On Saturday, I ran fine, but the hip was bugging me afterwards as well.  It didn’t go away, not at all, and when I tried to run on Wednesday, 2 miles in I had to stop and walk due to excruciating pain.  Yes, my third run back had to be stopped after two miles.

Not only I feel like a failure, but it also made me feel very very old.  I think it’s bursitis, so I’ll rest for a bit.  I messed up my shoulder badly by forcing through it when I felt pain during volleyball games, and now I know better than to do the same with running, and risk having recurring pain for life.  So I’m back at resting.  Sitting on my ridiculously large butt, of course.  Worrying about where I’m going to be living for the next two years.


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8 responses to “The unknown…

  1. Oh girl, my head would be spinning! Thinking of you! Only 24 days… find something to distract yourself… exciting stuff!

  2. OMG I am dying to know what you are options are now, haha. I hate secrets 🙂

    Fingers crossed for you. I bet you are going nuts waiting!!

  3. You seem to be taking this pretty well…i think i would be a complete mess!! 🙂 Crossing my fingers you get someplace on your “high” list!

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