Hip, hip

Yes, the hip still hurts.  A lot.  I have no idea what is going on, but skipped my run on Saturday, didn’t go to Bikram as planned (at this point I don’t know if yoga will help or hurt, and I rather not find out the hard way), and will skip Wednesday and likely Saturday’s run as well.

And yes, I made an appointment with the doctor.  Because I don’t want to keep taking time off at my last few weeks of work (3.5 weeks left), I scheduled it for next Monday, when we’re off on a holiday, but the doctor’s office is open.  I’m really hoping that by the time I get there, I have no pain, but we’ll see.

I’m officially under the half-marathon training plan now, except I can’t train.  All my goals of running it in 2:15 — totally possible after my races last year — are now shattered.  I know what some of you are thinking “no worries, you’ll have plenty of other races to run.”   Well, but I don’t know if I will.

Since my future is still unknown, I don’t know if I will be in DC for more races.  I don’t know if I’ll be in a country that even has races.  I know in Rio, there are only a couple of races a year, and most other places are just as infrequent.

I can end up in a place that’s not even safe for me to run alone outdoors.

So you see?  Not being able to run now IS  a big deal.  Sure, not being able to run is ALWAYS a big deal, but when you don’t know how long you can continue running, and when you already KNOW that the time with your running buddies is limited, it hurts even more.

Why is my body sabotaging me?  UGH.

On brighter news, my foot doesn’t hurt at all anymore.

If any of you have ever had hip pain (it’s a sharp pain on the side of my hip with each step), please send me tips!


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  1. My hip pain was bursitis and it was a dull ache all day long. But you can ask Beth at Shut up and Run, she’s just recovering from a hip stress fracture if that’s what she had. 😦 I hope it’s just bursitis, I was able to still run with it but just not as much.

    • I’m really hoping is not a stress fracture, seeing I was not running for about 1.5 months because of the foot. Also, if I press where it hurts, I can walk without pain, if I let go, it hurts again (I found that out while pressing to see if it was a stress fracture — I heard that those hurt if you press on the spot).

      I’m thinking it’s bursitis too!

  2. Ah, sorry to hear about your hip pain. Unfortunately, i don’t have any tips for you – but i will send good vibes your way! 🙂

  3. I hate to say this, but my running partner had the same pain, and it was a stress fracture. Get it checked girl. Better to be safe. But i feel for you, I know it sucks.

  4. Your body is sabotaging you because you’ve put it through hell in the past six months – you’ve done at least 2 marathons, a 10-miler, a 10k, and I think a half marathon – is that right? I can’t put my body through half that without getting a stress injury. Injuries, and setbacks, suck. They really really do, and I’ve been where you are. Recently, I had bursitis in my hip when I was half marathon training and found that doing strength training and icing it helped, but it took awhile to recover properly.

    On the bright side, at least, even if you can’t run wherever you are going, this probably isn’t a career ending injury, and you will race again, even if you have to wait a little while, or schedule races during vacations. Besides, if you are only doing a few races a year, you can focus really hard on those races and meet your PRs for them.

    • So many of my friends ran much much MUCH more than I did last year and the finished it injury-free. I took over a month break to heal the foot (after only running 16 miles in the whole month of November!), and the hip flared up after taking time off… So pain is showing up despite me not running, not because of it…

      • I have a friend who runs ultramarathons and barely trains for them – she’ll run maybe 20 miles, and then do a 50 miler, and then be able to do a 6 mile run two days later. Everybody is different.

        Could it be that you are walking differently because of the foot pain and that might have caused something to go wrong with your hip? My running buddy is a PT student and she says that is a very common problem.

  5. 😦 Bummer! I am sorry you are in pain! I will send good thoughts your way! I also will cross my fingers you get to live somewhere you can run.

  6. KEK

    have been living with hip injury for 2 years now…the only thing that’s worked was reducing mileage and doing months and months and months of gluteus medius/minimus/maximus and lower back work. Bosu ball, bands, etc, all doable at home, but it does not change overnight.

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