The hip?  Still hurts.  I am really starting to worry about it now, that maybe it’s more than just an inflammation.  I was going to skip tonight’s run, but the snow that got dumped on us last night (too little to close things down, but enough to be annoying and slippery), means that the trails, which are never ever cleaned, are not good for running, specially at night, so I canceled the run and now I feel like I’m not skipping anything!

Instead, I’m going to a late movie showing at the Drafthouse near us (yep, beer and movies, because that’s going to make me fit back into my clothes…)

19 days until we find out where we will be posted to, ack!  On Friday we have a meeting with our “CDO” (I go from one organization full of acronyms to another!) and we will explain what Karl’s career goals are, what our join goals are, and why do we want what we want (like say, Rio, because I can work and be close to my family).  Honestly, if we don’t get Rio, I hope we get posted somewhere in Asia — I’ve never been, always wanted to go, and it will be a total adventure for us!  Karl has lived in Seoul for a few years during his time in the Army (and Seoul is a much more developed city then the ones in our list), and visited all over the place, it would be great if we had that experience together.

Waiting to find out about your future sucks.  Specially when you can’t burn that anxiety through runs!


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3 responses to “Unhip

  1. I am sorry you are still hurting, but the drafthouse is great!!! Love that place!! What are you seeing? ( I am not sure which one you are going to but I love the one in Arlington.)

  2. Fingers crossed for Rio!! 🙂

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