Uh, that’s not your hip…

Yep, those were the words I heard from the doctor yesterday.

Apparently, I need an anatomy lesson…

The pain hasn’t gone away, and finally yesterday I went to a local doctor to check it out.  He’s not an orthopedist, but it’s the same doctor I saw last year when I had my other hip pain, who told me “I think it’s just a pinched nerve — put some heat on it, and see if it gets better, if not, we’ll treat it, but no point in wasting your money now for treatment” — yep, that’s the kind of doctor I like (because putting heat on it did solve the problem and a week later I was good!).

So I went back there yesterday, and explained how it’s not on the exact same location as last year.  He finally said:

“you know you’re not pointing at your hip, right?”

“I’m not??”

“No, that’s your pelvis.”

Uh, yeah, so that happened. In my defense, when I’m talking about how I have huge hips, well, that’s the widest part, damn it!  Below is where the pain is.  People, that is not your hip!  (I bet everyone else knew that but me.  I mean, I know the pelvic bone and all, but not that technically the curves I have are not part of my hip.  Fun.)

So anyway…  There’s no joint there, so it cannot be an inflammation (which explains why ice and anti-inflammatory meds didn’t do crap).  He said it can either be a pulled muscle (which is what the pain felt like at first), or, get this, a sign of an UTI.  Yes, I totally just wrote this on my blog.

So, he put heat, ultrasound, and told me to try to stretch it (he said it could be from compensating for my left foot problems), but I should also go to an internal doctor to make sure it’s not anything else.

So yay, it means I can go back to running, right?  Not so fast.  Since it hurts with each step I still should not aggravate it until the pain gets better.

Have I mentioned I gained 10 lbs in two months?  How is that even possible???  Aside from my vacation splurge, I haven’t really been eating that bad since I’ve been back, but the lack of exercise due to my hip, uh, pelvis (?) pain, means that my butt (and everything else, sadly), keep expanding.

I want to run again 😦


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7 responses to “Uh, that’s not your hip…

  1. I hope your hip, I mean, pelvis feels better soon! Are you going to see another doc like he recommended?

  2. I gained 10 lbs in 10 minutes after my wedding. I think it was that box of Devil Dogs and that box of Yodels (buy one get one free bitches) on my way home from the wedding that I purchased. LOL.

    We’re overdue for lunch, and it looks like I’ll have to carry you there!

    I know you want to run, but be careful. Do I need to give you the “other things are more important” lecture? Cuz I will. 🙂

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