12 days…

On Monday night, we gave a last look at our bidlist, made one last minute change, and hit “send”

That is it, no more researching cities around the world and countries and making decisions of where we would like or not like to live.  No more talks on strategy, or whether we should put this as a medium or high.  Now, it’s officially beyond our control.

In 12 days we will find out where our life is headed…  AAAAAHHHHHHH!  It’s nerve-wrecking!!!

The worst part is that I cannot run to de-stress.  This not running thing is killing me.

The hip?  (Or whatever it is.)  Got worse.  Today it’s extra painful.  So I have to suck it up and schedule an orthopedist appointment.

Sounds a lot easier than it is, since either they have restricted hours for making appointments, or no one picks up, or they transfer me to the “hip replacement” section when I mention my hip hurts (I would expect the doctor’s office to be a bit more optimistic than that, no?)

In the meantime, I’ll keep blabbing about everything but running.  Did I mention I’m supposed to be training for the Shamrock Half Marathon now?  But I can’t even walk without pain?


Bikram yoga tonight.  Let’s hope all the stretching and sweating will help.


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4 responses to “12 days…

  1. Yay! Sending the bidlist is so exciting and nerve racking at the same time! I hope you guys get an amazing post!! keep me posted.

    Also – where do you go for Bikram yoga? Haven’t found one I like yet!

    • Thanks, Melody!

      I go to the one in Alexandria, across from the Van Dorn metro: http://www.bikramalexandria.com/ It’s free the first time you go, in case you want to try it out. I like it, but the girl instructor is not as good as the other two instructors (I only had her once though).

      There’s a new one in Arlington that I haven’t tried yet, but a friend of mine says it’s much nicer (but also more $$).

  2. Just found your blog–sorry about the hip! Healing thoughts coming your way, enjoy the Hot yoga.

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