No running allowed :(

I spent the better time of my workday yesterday contacting orthopedists in the area to try to schedule an appointment.  I never knew it would be this hard!  No office wanted to see me once I mentioned it was my hip.  They’d say things like “well, we only specialize in knees and shoulders!”  In one office, I got transferred 5 times before I gave up.

I mean, seriously, they’re orthopedists.  I’m not asking for surgery here, I’m trying to find out what’s wrong.  Surely you can tell even if you do specialize in knees, no?  I mean, if I’m going to an orthopedist for my knee, I surely hope he is also aware of how my other joints work.

Finally, with friends’ recommendations I found an office that had a central line, and I was lucky to be fit in for early this morning.

I went in hopeful, and left with not any reassuring news.  They didn’t take an x-ray, in case I’m pregnant (no, people, don’t get excited, I’m not pregnant, but since I wasn’t 100% sure, as we are now “open to the possibility of life” as Karl likes to call it, they didn’t want to risk it.  Ugh).  He didn’t think it was a stress fracture either though, since it’s not from overuse (I hadn’t been running in over a month, and barely running the month before that).  The doctor’s best guess?  It’s a hip flexor strain.  His recommendation?  Physical Therapy, then go back in 4 weeks.  Oh, yeah, and no running until then.

First, I have no time for Physical Therapy… Every place is open at the same hours that I work, and since I don’t drive to work, I can’t also get there during my work hours for a quick session, even if my work was flexible.  I still have to call around a bit and see if I can find something but when one leaves for work at 8:15am, and only gets home after 6pm, it makes it tougher to find an option (have I mentioned I hate DC commute, and won’t miss this at all?).

Plus, once I googled the crap out of it, the “symptom” is not at all what I’m feeling.  My pain is at the side of the hip, not the groin.  And it hurts when I step down, not when I lift my leg up (I can lift my leg up and down with no pain, once I put weight on it, ouch!), which seems to be the main symptom of a hip flexor strain.

Right now I have my first race this year, the Shamrock Half Marathon, in 8 weeks.  That was the one I was going for a 2:15 PR.  I already know the PR is not going to happen, but if I can’t run what will likely be one of my last races in DC (if not the year), I’m going to cry.  And it won’t be pretty.


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10 responses to “No running allowed :(

  1. Oh girl I am sorry to hear about your hip! And I’m with you on the DC commute. I mean seriously, it is impossible to get a “quick” trip anywhere in around here. Makes me miss PA.

    • I know! Karl yesterday was wondering how far he is from work (2 miles), and then I mentioned that was the same distance from our old place. He didn’t believe me, since it easily takes us 15 minutes (or 20 in a bad day!) to go from our new place to our old place — and it’s on the same street! No turning necessary! To go 2 miles!

  2. So sorry about your hip pain! It’s no fun at all.
    By the way, I live 20 miles outside of D.C. and it takes me way over an hour to get to work. So I totally feel your pain on the commute. :X

  3. What a bummer. I hope it feels better in sooner than 4 weeks!

  4. Just came to your blog. You had an awesome wedding! How exciting! Congrats!

    So sorry to hear about your injury.. I too just went to see an ortho and it was super scary waiting to hear if I could run or not.

    I hope you keep us updated on your healing!

    If you can check out my blog

  5. Umm it doesn’t sound like a hip flexor issue at all…bummer! I hope you can figure out what is going on. I’m sure you are desperate for the stress relief!!

    Fingers crossed for good news from you!!! Can’t wait to hear where yall are going next!

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