Bikram FAIL

Since I cannot run, on Wednesday I went with Kathy and Hugi to bikram yoga.  I don’t even remember the last time I went, it was probably right before the Marine Corps Marathon, since after that, I got the flu, I went to Brazil, got married, honeymooned, came back for the holidays and been dealing with injuries since.

I knew it was going to be tough, bikram is always tough, but I didn’t realize how out of shape I got.  Because for the first time during bikram?  I got dizzy.  I had to sit down.  I couldn’t last through all the poses.  I couldn’t even do all the poses.  My heart was beating so strong that when we lied down with out head to the side, I could feel my head bumping against the mat to the rhythm of my heart beat.

I never had to sit out a pose.  Never.  Not even during my very first class.  Only once I skipped a pose, and that was because I hydrated too much before class and had to run to the bathroom before I peed myself.

And today?  I’m sore.  So sore that I can’t even differentiate my hip pain with all the other aches in my body.

I can’t wait until I get myself back in the shape I was just a few weeks ago.  This weekend?  I’m finally buying a bike trainer, because if I can’t run, I better go back to my original love:  biking (it’s too damn cold to bike outside — it’s going back to the 20’s this weekend!).   If only I could play volleyball too…  And I better continue going to bikram, even if it’s tough, and even though I hated it the whole time on Wednesday.


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2 responses to “Bikram FAIL

  1. Sounds like a bike trainer is the perfect option. I love running and biking too. The running part gets to my knees sometimes, so I find myself on the bike quite a bit more. Only today, with temps being about 4 below zero this morning, makes me realize how much I love my bike trainer.

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