I hate hate hate hate not being able to run.  Specially since my doctor’s visit really didn’t give any answers (the more time that passes, and the more I read about “hip flexor strain” the more I’m sure that it isn’t what I have, the pain is not even in the same location!).

So I just scheduled an appointment at another doctor today and will get x-rays done (and if he has no answers, let’s hope for an MRI soon).  On Wednesday it’ll be 4 weeks (!!!) since I first felt pain, and I’m tired of it.  So freaking tired of it.

But for fitness’ sake (and since those 10 pounds I’ve put on since the wedding won’t burn themselves out), I finally splurged on a bike trainer this week (gotta make those purchases while I still have a job!) and hopefully I’ll get my bike set up for riding, and I can start doing something soon.  My poor bike (the red beauty below that I posted back when I gave you a home tour) has been neglected for too long…

But as excited as I am to take my bike out for a spin (even if indoors), I really just want to be able to run…


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3 responses to “Antsy

  1. Ooo, I am excited you got a bike trainer! We have kind of been thinking about getting one.

    I hope the new doc and xrays help!

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