Hip and Snow

Not the hip flexor after all…

Yep, on Monday, after writing this post, I was able to get into an appointment at an orthopedist nearby.  I didn’t tell him I had already been to the doctor and got a hip flexor diagnosis that I was challenging — I really didn’t want to persuade his diagnosis one way or the other.

And guess what?  He told me something completely different.  First, x-rays came out clear, then he moved my leg around and decided that it’s probably due to a tight IT band, as it seems really tight.  Then he pressed near the hip joint and OUCH!  That hurt!

Woah!  Remember how my pain was not at the hip joint?  Not once I tried pressing at the joint, all I did is press spot where the pain is, on the top of my pelvis.  But the joint?  Sore.  Huh.

He said “I can prescribe you for Physical Therapy, or a cortisone injection.”  I was desperate.  After 4 weeks without running, walking with horrible pain with each step, and being forced to limp at times, I didn’t hesitate once in saying “injection, please”  (Which thankfully didn’t hurt at all because he did a good job in numbing the area.)

He gave me a PT prescription anyway, and as I had an appointment for tonight, I decided to keep it.  It certainly won’t hurt.  And he gave me stretching exercises to take care of that IT band.

The hip?  A bit better, though it still hurts on occasion.  I know the cortisone shot is not instant, it takes a few days to act up, so I still have hope that it’ll clear out by the end of the week.

The good news?  “Wait 4 days for it to work, then you can go for an easy run and see how it feels”


Saturday will be my first run in AGES.  I cannot freaking wait.  The trails will be a mess after we got pounded with snow last night, but we’re meant to run from Rosslyn to the National Mall, and the Mall is always taken care of.  Instead of doing my scheduled 7 miles for the half marathon training, I’m going out for only 3, but better than nothing, right?

Last night we got hit with snow badly in these parts — it was coming down at 2 inches per hour, there was thunder, and the snow was pretty much falling sideways instead of straight down.  We had an early dismissal from work, and I left work at 3pm, catching a ride home with my friend and got home right when the rain turned to ice (and a few minutes later it was full on snow).  Good thing, as I was home 20 minutes later, but many of my friends had to deal with 4 to 13 hour commutes (YES, someone I know actually took 13 hours to get home.  Can you imagine that???  Apparently, lots of cars abandoned in the roadways this morning, either from people who gave up, or those who ran out of gas.)

After refreshing OPM’s site over and over and over and over, I gave up around midnight and went to bed.  Sadly, the Federal Government did not close, and this morning, I had to stumble my way to the bus.  The Federal Government had a 2 hour delay, but my job only follows them for closures and early dismissals, not delays.  Not that I had a choice, anyway, as my bus only works during rush hour, so it stops running at 9am.

Unfortunately, as much as Arlington is a great place to live, they suck at enforcing snow clearance on sidewalks — last year it had accumulated to about 4 feet, which forced all of us to walk on the road for a few weeks until it melted (I should note that I live on a very very busy road, that was a scary walk every day).

This morning, though the major roads were clear, I still had to deal with this walking to my bus stop (I should note that the temperature had dropped and it was all ice).

I made it to my bus stop with no accidents, and found this:

The bus ride was also eventful, not all the snow had been cleared (and at parts was cleared very badly), and the bus skid twice.  Fun.  But because so many people had horrible commutes last night, people either didn’t go to work this morning, or took their two hour delay, so I was in the office 10 minutes after hoping on the bus, no traffic at all!  Woot!  (Which probably also means I was one of the few people going to work this morning.  Hmpf.)

One more week of work to go, and 4 days until we find out our country!!!


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9 responses to “Hip and Snow

  1. The government was given the option to telework today too so that’s what I did and I would be it’s what most of the rest of the government folks did today. I know a coworker who’s trip home last night took 11 hours. Craziness!

  2. Glad you got a diagnosis that makes sense finally!! Hope the cortisone helps!

  3. So i guess I should not tell you that is was 71 degrees here yesterday and I was cold. Yeah probably not a good idea to share that.

    so in other news I love your bike. So what ended up being the problem? Your IT band? that was totally mine too! They are trying to take over one runner at a time. Darn ITB! Glad you are going for a 3 miles run!! Good luck!

  4. Saw your wedding dress featured on skinnyrunner and just wanted to let you know that it is stunning!

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