Flag Day!

I knew I’d be nervous on Flag Day, but I had no idea just how nervous…

I think yesterday I was way more nervous than I was at my own wedding.  No joke.

The day dragged on, then finally, it was time to get out of work and make my drive there.  I kept thinking I was going to have a panic attack.  No, really.  It was that bad.

The drive there was quick, and soon enough we were at the room where everything happens.  Then I find out that I can’t sit with Karl.  See that sea of grays below?  That’s where the Foreign Service Officers sat.  The rest of family and friends sat on the back.  I couldn’t even hold his hand while we find out about our future!

I did buddy up with another spouse, so we could chit chat a bit and get our nerves down.  Then it started…  One of our highs was the very first post to be called…

“Bangkok, Thailand”

Not us…

Then we had another high called up…

“Manila, Philippines”

Not us (but there were 3 posts in Manila, so I was still hopeful).

Then one of our mediums, but that we still thought would be SO freaking cool!

“Majuro, Marshall Islands”

Nope, not us again.

Then more highs like “Praia, Cape Verde”

Not us…

Then, “Hanoi, Vietnam”

Not us (again, there were two posts there, so I was still hopeful).

“Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Nope, not us (I didn’t realize how upset I would be that we wouldn’t be going to Rio, but I wanted to cry, even though I was certain we wouldn’t go there, I was still so hopeful!).

And so it went…

Our highs were being checked off one by one.  Our mediums were also disappearing.  I did a little silent cheer every time one of our lows went to someone else as well.  And I was also super excited when many of Karl’s colleagues got a post I knew they were hoping for!

I look down at my sheet of paper, and most of the posts had already been highlighted.  All of our mediums gone.  Only one of our highs left.  And then this flag shows up, and Karl’s name gets called up:

By now, I was very familiar with the flag — it had shown up twice already!

So where are we going to?  Manila, Philippines!  (And yep, it was on our “high”)

Now the terrifying part:  leave date is April.

APRIL, PEOPLE.  That’s 2 months away!!!

That means the Shamrock Half Marathon, the one I can’t train for because my hip decided to sabotage me, will in fact be my last half marathon this year.  That means I might not even be able to run the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.

We are going to try to push for end of April, and I’m hoping to squeeze a Brazil trip in the meantime, but that’s all a possibility now, no guarantees.  They can easily tell Karl “uh, no, we want you here that first week!”

So now, quitting my job has officially been a GOOD decision.  I have two months to sort through my stuff, get rid of things, get Lucas’ paperwork in order.  Convince Karl to get a puppy (I’m dying for a dog!!!).

It also means that in 2 years, we will arrive back in DC — get to catch up with our friends, with my favorite running trails.  Why do we come back in 2 years?  Because Karl needs to learn a language in the first 5 years — since he’s not learning on his first post, he will NEED to learn for his second post, and language training is in DC.  YAY!

The best part about going to Manila?  I can put ALL my winter clothes in storage.  WOOT!


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25 responses to “Flag Day!

  1. So happy, excited, and freaking out for you all at once! I think you got a post where you can RUN!!! Congrats Carla…let the craziness begin.

  2. What an exciting adventure. Congrats with getting a post that you wanted! Good luck with the move/prep/etc!

  3. YEAH!!! So happy that you got one of your “highs”!!! Even better that you will be back in DC in two years 🙂

    Hold on tight, you guys are off for an amazing adventure!!! Please tell me you are going to be able to keep blogging, right??!??!

  4. So glad you are going to a place you WANTED to go! Good luck to you!

  5. congrats!
    ive been following your facebook updates and am so happy to hear it all worked out, and that you got your “high!”

  6. That is crazyy but I am so excited for you!! I can’t wait to read all about your time there!

  7. Congrats, that’s so exciting!!!! I actually lived in Manila for 4 years in high school (and visited every winter/summer throughout college) – parent’s worked with World Bank and ADB. Manila is very different, but there is a ton of stuff to do, and while the city can be a bit overwhelming, the surrounding areas and islands are amazing. And it’s fairly Americanized, which is nice when you want the comforts from home. 🙂

    • Ha — funnily enough I work for the IMF (though I’m leaving as of Thursday). They never sent me anywhere though, boo!

      It IS exciting, I have never been to Asia, so it will certainly be a culture shock, but an adventure nonetheless!

  8. Glad it all worked the way you wanted:)

  9. Rosalyn

    So excited for you!!!

  10. Wow the Philippines! WOW! That’s crazy and amazing and I hope you have a wonderful time. Enjoy your two years abroad and good luck getting everything organized before you leave!

  11. Grace

    Wow, congrats! I’m glad you get to live in a place that you want! How exciting (and chaotic – 2 months to prepare for an international move, yikes!)!

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