This week was busy and I had many sleepless nights.  Between the stress of flag day, the excitement of finding out we’re moving to Manila, too much time spent on the computer googling about Manila, researching puppies online for hours on end, and finishing my last week of work, I didn’t run (we had some crappy weather here too though), couldn’t sleep and wasn’t much inspired to right (that googling thing takes a lot of time, yo!).

But I have hopeful news!  I found quite a few sites about running in Manila.  Apparently, they’re going through a running boom, with races every weekend, that are much cheaper than here!  I even found a blog from a runner over there, who even links to other Manila running blogs (I think I peed my pants a little).  I emailed her, and she’s super nice as well, and will help me out with routes once I find out where we’ll live.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also found a blog from another foreign services officer’s wife, who is there on their first post (like us!) and got married a few months beforehand as well (like us!) and should be there until July when they move on to Lima.  I pretty much stalked her blog, browsing through all the posts from when they first moved there (once I’m not so overwhelmed with information, I’m going back and reading them again for tips!).  They traveled all over the Philippines and Asia in their year and a half there, because flights there?  Are cheap!  (Can you hear me squealing??)

If that wasn’t enough, I posted a comment on her page and she didn’t just reply:  she added me on facebook and already provided me with a wealth of information, and even requested to the Embassy to be our sponsor when we arrive (you always get a sponsor who will show you around when you first get to a new post).  Seriously, how nice is that??

And if you read that first paragraph you might be going “hold on, you also talked about puppies?”


After months of trying to convince Karl that we need a puppy, I finally got the ok, and should be picking up our little Westie girl this Sunday, in the middle-of-nowhere, PA.  (Anyone wants to join me for the 11 hour round trip?)  I’m SOOOOO excited!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for adopting dogs at shelters, I even got this little guy there:

But first, we NEED a puppy, not a full grown dog because Lucas is terrified of other animals (but after a while approaches them with caution), even though he is a people-whore.  Animals in general can tell when they’re dealing with babies even of other species, and I know that would put him at ease, and he’ll be faster if he wants to get away from the puppy.  Plus, he can still be the alpha-male and what not.

The shelter here only has pit bull mixes as puppies.  I adore all dogs, but due to our lifestyle, we can’t take on a pit bull mix, because many countries have import restrictions on them (and I’m not moving anywhere without my babies!), some countries also have restrictions against large dogs as well (and though Manila is pretty easy when it comes to that, we don’t know where we will end up in the future).  Lastly, we want a dog that even full grown could fit in-cabin when we fly, so knowing the breed is SUPER important so we know how big it can get.  Sooooo…  We’re buying one, not adopting.  After much much much research, I settled on a Westie!  I couldn’t find any ready for pick up near me (hence the 11 hours needed to do the trip).  Sunday, if all goes well, she’s coming home with me!

And lastly, yesterday was my very last day of work at the IMF (ha!  This is the first time I write where I work).  I wasn’t fond of my job there, due to the lack of challenges and the routine of it all (I was bored out of my mind), but I am sad to leave the place.  When I first joined, I was in the HR Department and I loved my job, but after switching departments for a more stable position, I lost the flexible work schedule, and I had hours that conflicted with my running and put me commuting at the time traffic is at its worst in DC.  Some days it would take me 1 hour to get to work, most days, it was at least a 40 minute commute.  I live 4 miles away!  I can actually SEE my building from my window at work, and I don’t mean the general area, I can clearly see the 7 story building I live in.  It really shouldn’t be that long of a commute!

I also started dreading going to the office to do a job that is less fulfilling than the ones I had back in college.  For me, it was like taking a huge step back.  Of course, all of that made it much easier to quit, but I’ll miss the friends I made, the amazing benefits (26 vacation days, 15 sick days, trip to Brazil every 1.5 years, etc), and the place itself.  I still remember walking in that building on my first day of work and going “wow, I’m going to have a career here!”

It didn’t all go as planned, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t look back fondly at some of the memories I created in that place.

But now?  New chapter in my life — unemployed (by choice!), new puppy, and in a couple of months, new country!



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13 responses to “Randomness

  1. Carla, do you follow The Hotlegs Runner? Julie was born and raised in Manila, so she may have some good tips for you! Head on over there an email her. She is super nice. http://www.hotlegsrunner.com/

  2. mm

    Question about the puppy thing… have you already looked into the quarantine/vaccination requirements for brining pets from the US to the Philippines? And is 3 months enough time to get it all done? I only ask because we are a military family and even getting dogs from mainland USA to Hawaii was a BIG hassel for a lot of our friends. Additionally, most often they require a rabies vaccine too, which typically means you have to wait until a dog is 5-6months old (for a small breed) before you can vaccinate them. We have 2 small dogs that I love like they’re my children, so this type of thing is always on my mind when we think about moving overseas.
    Good luck with all the things on your to-do list!! Such an exciting time, and it’s awesome that you’ve already found some support for when you move! 🙂

  3. Oh life is grand indeed! So excited for you to get here!

  4. Yeahhhh so happy for you!! 🙂 This all sounds so fantastic!!

  5. Hi Carla!
    I hope you have a great time here in the Philippines! We have a great running community here, particularly in the Metro Manila area, who’d be glad to show you around.
    Have a nice day!

    – Dennis

  6. I want to see the puppy!!!! Post pics soon!!!

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