Meet Lily!

Lucas got a new sister!

I was supposed to pick the new puppy up on Monday.  Then my friend canceled on me, and Sunday became the new date — I found quite a few volunteers to make the long drive with me on Sunday, despite the 5am leave time!

But on Saturday morning the weather was gloomy.  It was cold, rainy, and I couldn’t make myself go out for a run.  So I thought “hmmmm, why not?”  I texted Angela and asked “Up for going today?”  She was in, the breeder was available, and off we went to Edinburg, PA shortly before noon.

The drive there wasn’t too bad.   5.5 hours each way is SUPER long, but at some point I realized “heck, it took me 5 hours to run a marathon, if I can run for 5 hours, surely I can stay seated on the car that long, no?”  That made me put things into perspective.   But to have an idea how far this place was, according to Jeremy, we were about 15 minutes away from his parents place.  His parents live in Ohio!  I’m in Arlington, VA!  ACK!

I told Angela she would be the voice of reason:  if the place looked shady, or anything, she would have to tell me as she had no emotional attachment to this.  I know myself, I’d see a sick puppy and then go “I can save her!”

Luckily, the place was fine, the puppy was HAPPY and so friendly, and I loaded the cutest little thing. back in the car…

The drive back wasn’t nearly as pleasant as the drive there, between Lily (that’s her name!) throwing up from motion sickness, and hitting a really bad snow storm, where I couldn’t see 15 feet in front of me, I just wanted to get home.  Shortly after 11pm, I made home safe with a happy new puppy!

It was really hard convincing Karl to get a puppy, and he really wasn’t looking forward to me arriving with her.  Within minutes of meeting her, he was going “who is my pretty girl?”  Just as I thought, his reluctance didn’t last long 🙂

Lucas isn’t too happy (he is terrified of her), but slowly he is approaching her and sniffing a bit.  I think within another week or two, they’ll either be playing together, or he’ll just be ignoring her and moving on with his day.  Poor Lily has been sniffling and sneezing, so after her first vet appointment yesterday, we found out she has an upper respiratory infection.  The vet didn’t seem too concerned, she prescribed her some meds, and we’re going back on Thursday.  You wouldn’t be able to tell she’s sick, seeing how much she runs and jumps around!

So meet Lily, she is 10 weeks old, 3lbs (she’s a westie, so she’ll get to 15lbs later).  She’s friendly, has waaaay too much energy, and she makes my heart smile.




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26 responses to “Meet Lily!

  1. mm

    awwww. she is so tiny and adorable!!

  2. She is SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! She is so freaking cute!

  4. She is SOOOO cute!!! 🙂

    My cat isn’t a big fan of our puppy. Maggie just has too much playful energy, and the cat hates it. LOL.

  5. Jen

    I just read over your last posts, and have to give big congratulations on your soon to be new home! I have no idea what Manila is like, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to continue blogging so I can see it too 🙂 Second, I’m not a dog lover, but I can certainly appreciate such adorableness. Lily is precious! I’m so happy for you.

  6. Teh cuteness!

    I think the cat will be okay….Lily just needs to remember that he’s in charge.

  7. Awww..Lily is so cute..I could just put her in my pocket and run away with her 😉 Enjoy the new family member.

  8. Oh my gosh she’s so cute!!!

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