I’m a runner again!

So I’ve been horrible about posting this week — turns out, I had a lot more free time back when I worked a full-time job.  Heh.  But true!  Before, 8 hours of my day were spent sitting in front of the computer, and at least 6 of those, I had NOTHING to do.  Now, my days are filled with things like vet visits (puppy is still sick), house training Lily (Lily 30 x me 0), and my google reader is building up with unread stuff (675 items and counting…).

The good news?  After going to DC for an appointment on Tuesday morning, I decided to run home, since metroing and busing back would be a pain at that time.  So I ran home.  I was only 3.5 miles away, so not a bad distance.  Said that, it.was.NOT.pretty.  Actually, it was pretty ugly, if I’m being honest here.  After so long without running, and I was huffing and puffing, my hip started hurting, I was out of breath pretty quickly.  The  strong headwind didn’t help (I wasn’t just being a wimp — we had a wind advisory for that day and at times, it felt like I wasn’t even making progress against the wind).

The day was gorgeous, otherwise…  Looks like a hot beautiful summer day on the pictures below, doesn’t it?  Except it was in the upper 20’s, super windy, and the biggest telltale that it was NOT summer:  the National Mall was empty, not one tourist in sight, at 10am in the morning.

The reflecting pool was even drained (do they do this every winter?)

I wanted to quit the whole time, but if I did, I’d be stuck walking, and I would definitely feel the cold weather.  So I sucked it up and ran the whole way, only taking a walk break when I was over 3 miles in, at an uphill near the Air Force Memorial (and as much as I hate hills in general and was having a hard time due to my lack of running, the hip really hurts the most when I’m climbing up, so I allowed myself to be lame).

Of course, the hip continued to be sore the rest of the day, proving that I’m not yet healed.  (Will I ever be?  Some days I wonder…)

Wednesday, I ran with my group, and Jen tagged along with me, and again we took it slow, covering about 3.35 miles in 40 minutes (gone were the days I could do 4 miles in that time).  The funny thing is, as much as the hip was still sore, I finished this run never wanting to quit and at the end I knew I could have gone longer too.  Probably, because I was talking my ass off, which distracted me from the fact that I’m no longer much of a runner.

I had my PT appointment yesterday, and though all the runs made me show up sore, I should have run that morning so I could really be in pain…  He no longer thinks it’s the IT band or even bursitis (the doctors two guesses), and thinks instead it’s a strained muscle that he never actually heard of anyone straining it (aren’t I just a piece of work?).  He made me do a bunch of exercises to hopefully trigger the pain, so he could assess it better, and you know, fix it.

I should be back on Tuesday.  Until then, I’ll run tomorrow (for an hour!  Yay!), try to run once more before my appointment, and cross my fingers for answers.  I’ll leave you with a bit more cuteness…  (All pictures on this post taken with my cellphone, hence their overall crap quality…)

Lucas is slowly approaching Lily, and not so scared to be around her, a big progress, even if they’re far from being friends (but she certainly tries and tries and tries to play with him…  Poor thing).


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4 responses to “I’m a runner again!

  1. Yay for getting a run in!!!

    So glad the pets are starting to get along 🙂

  2. Love DC, Love to Run, Love your Blog! 🙂

    I can’t wait to read more!

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