And the moving…

I hate hate hate hate moving.  But it’s a great way to purge, no?

After spending last week getting used to the idea that now I have no work to go to (WOOT!), I finally got on track this week with our move (in less than 2 months!) and started going through things.

First stop?  My clothes.

My apartment?  Look like the “bad guys” were here looking for the shit I’ve been hiding.  (No, there are no bad guys, and there’s no shit, but you know in movies when they go through the person’s place and make a mess?  And there’s stuff EVERYWHERE?  Yeah, that’s how it looks like.)  I’ve almost completely emptied out my closet, and separated clothes in the following categories:

-coming with me
-going on the first shipment (takes a couple of weeks)
-going on the second shipment (takes about 3 months)
-donating here (winter clothes)
-donating it in the Philippines (summer clothes — I usually save my clothes and donate them in Brazil, but my mom reminded that the poor in the Philippines are even worse off than those in Rio)
-going into storage in DC (winter clothes I still like/wear, since we’ll be back in 2 years)
-going to my mom (clothes I no longer wear, are “like new” but my mom would wear them — like the more boring stuff, like button-down shirts) and
-any of my friends want it? (winter and work clothes I no longer need, but it’s still in “like new” condition).

The problem now?  Once you empty out the closet, where do you put all the stuff? Seriously?  I have a LOT of clothes (like, it’s embarrassing how many items of clothes I owe, filling up a walk-in closet, half a coat closet, one dresser and a chest — and that doesn’t even include things like shoes).  I was able to put the clothes I’m taking with me in my suitcase (duh!), I put the “first shipment” and “second shipment” in two separate boxes I had here (from our Macy’s shipment, where we completed our registry with 20% off!), but of course, the boxes were not big enough for either of those.  The chest/dresser drawers are still full of things I’m currently wearing, or haven’t sorted through yet.  I haven’t even looked inside my coat closet to see if I’m getting rid of any winter jackets (though I’m definitely not taking any with me — yay for year-round warm weather!).

I would post a picture of the mess, if I wasn’t too embarrassed.  I just hope I can get through all of it before it’s moving time.  Between Lily being sick, I’ve spent a lot of time at the vet lately, next week, I’m full of medical clearance appointments and more vet visits (because once she’s healed, we have to get onto those vaccines STAT).

I already know we have one weekend out of town in VA Beach (for the Shamrock Half).  Karl will be out of town in Charleston on the first weekend of March, so I’m thinking I’ll drive up to NYC for one last time before we move.  (Tracy even kindly offered that I stay with her!)

I cannot believe it’s countdown time already even though 2 weeks ago, we had just found out where and when we’re moving.


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7 responses to “And the moving…

  1. I just filled my 7th bag of clothes to give away, if it makes you feel better. We’re not moving – just going through stuff. How all this crap fits in our 750 sq. ft. is one of New York’s mysteries!

  2. How exciting! I’m embarrassed I didn’t even know but very happy for you two!

  3. Lindsay Michinock

    I will help with the “throwing away ” part! 🙂

  4. It’s definitely smart that you’re starting early with the packing. It’s no fun to do, but at least you aren’t leaving it until totally last minute!

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