I’m still here!

And I’m still running!


This week I had another PT appointment.  He is convinced that I strained either my “TFL” or some other muscle that starts on my hip (it would be great if I remembered the name, no?).  I think the TFL sounds more like it, since it looks like it’s located exactly where I feel the pain:

Basically, it’s the muscle that’s connected to the IT Band.  Now how does one strain that?  I don’t know either…

But I ran a little over 5 miles on Saturday with Jen, I was in pain the rest of the day but not debilitating pain like before.  Then on Tuesday morning, after breaking down crying at the vet because I didn’t know what was wrong with Lily (turns out she has pneumonia), I went for a 3 mile run and from there straight to my PT appointment, in lots of pain, so he was really able to pinpoint what the problem probably is.

So in other words, I better become BFF with my foam roller, even if it feels like there’s a knife going into me when I put the sore spot against it.

On Wednesday night, Jen joined me for yet another run with the group, and we knocked 3.5 miles out.  Today, I’m meeting her up for my “long run” — these days, that means 6.5 miles (I really miss the days where I could run 20 miles in the morning, and only be left with slightly sore legs!).  Jen also signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon (only a month away), and she also hasn’t been running lately, though she admits her reason is laziness, not injury.   So we’re slowly adding up the mileage again.

Have I mentioned it’s going to be in the 70’s today?  Last year at this time we were dealing with the repercussions of yet another snow storm hitting our area, and we had just spent a week at home because the Federal Government closed down because of the conditions (well, Karl and I escaped and flew to Seattle where we got engaged — can you believe that was only a year ago?).  And we had to get creative, training for this same race, since all the trails were covered in over a foot of snow.  This year, we had a whole week with weather in the 50’s and 60’s.  I die.  Karl says this is DC tricking us now that we’re leaving.

I have no hopes of getting a PR at the Shamrock Half (sadly, because last year my goals was to finish in 2:15…), but I at least want to finish, running the whole thing without reinjuring myself.  Then I run the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler two weeks later, that same day I fly out to Rio to spend a week with my family, then back in DC for a week, and we go over to San Francisco for 2 days (anyone read this blog from there and want to go on a super-slow run with me around town?) and from there we’re straight to Manila.

Hotels and flights are booked, including the furry kiddos that are both flying in-cabin with us (Lucas with his navy blue Sherpa bag, and Lily with her matching bag in brown with pink accents).

After waiting so long to get out of DC, I’m not yet ready to leave…


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