Now THIS is exciting!

Last week, I ran 4 times.  Yep, 4 times!  Last time I ran that much, I was marathon training!

I got 18 miles in, which is not the greatest mileage count, but it’s more than I ran in the whole months of January, December and November!  (And to think in October I got over 100 miles in…  *sigh*)

Oh, yeah, and the hip?  SUPER SORE.  No, seriously.  It was not pretty.

I took advantage of the awesome 70+ degree weather we got here in DC, and met up with Jen for a 7 mile run on Friday afternoon.  This was my longest mileage since the Marine Corps Marathon (how sad), the closest I got to it was the Veterans Day 10k a couple of weeks later.  The run felt great for the first 5 miles, then it completely dragged for the other 2 miles.  We started at the Iwo Jima memorial, went around the Arlington Cemetery, then took the Memorial Bridge into the National Mall.  It was already crowded with tourists (probably because of the long weekend), but not nearly as bad as the summer crowds.

I was so happy to be out in a t-shirt and a skirt, that it didn’t even bother me that my legs are now a jiggly mess and I really shouldn’t be wearing a skirt in public.  Ok, that’s a lie.  It completely bothered me. I wanted to cry when I saw myself in the mirror on my way out of the house.  The fact that I’ve gotten super pale since then doesn’t help.  It sucks that I still haven’t lost the 10lbs I put on since November.  Hopefully getting back to running, hip pain be damned, I will tone things up again.

The headwind was brutal on the way back (one of the reasons the last 2 miles sucked), but not nearly as bad as I would encounter the next day.  It didn’t make things easy, but I wore my Chicago Marathon t-shirt, and every once in a while I would look down to my boobs to remind myself “it’s only 7 miles, you’ve done much more than this, suck it up.”  Am I the only one who wears race t-shirts as a way of encouragement to keep trudging along?

On Saturday morning, I met up with my running group for a run — since I had knocked 7 miles on Friday, my plan was just to get 5 miles in.  Nikki (who took my amazing engagement pictures) came out for the group run (though her goal was to run 8 miles), and I decided to tag along with her for my first half, even if she is a tad slower than me — I rather have the company!

Turns out, Nikki slightly slower pace didn’t make the run any easier for me, my hip was sore, and the run was hard.  Add that to the 35mph headwind I got on my way back (seriously!), the last 2.5 miles were even slower.

I might have pushed too much last week, as my hip hurts today.  But I’ll be back running again tomorrow, since the half marathon is in less than a month, and I better be able to finish it!  I’m not ready for a DNF just yet (I don’t think I’ll ever be!).

But even with pain, I’m excited that I got 18 miles in!  The total mileage for February will still be puny, but hoping I can get things back to normal in March!


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3 responses to “Now THIS is exciting!

  1. Yay mileage! And you are not the only one who wears race shirts for motivation 🙂

  2. Cat

    Hi! glad to hear you’re back to running!! I’ve been having ITB and hip bursitis issues so I can empathize with you!!! My PT keeps telling me not to over do it, so I’m sure that would apply to you too!!!
    I hoping to do my first half in August! When you did your first half, did you follow a specific training plan?? Also, I was wondering, what do you think would be a decent ‘running plan’ that, after I do the half and work up to that mileage, I could just be ready for another half like in a month. Meaning, what kind of weekly mileage would I need to keep at to be able to “train back up” to a half in about a months time?? Do you know what I’m saying? lol!!

  3. Yay for the four runs! I hope your body gets used to running again and tells that damn hip to shut up! 😉

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